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OpenText Travel Receipts Management for SAP® Solutions

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Ensure efficient and seamless travel management processes

This solution extends SAP Travel Management to help simplify importing electronic receipts from channels such as fax, e-mail attachments, and mobile devices. It supports the travel department to avoid double entries and focus on more strategic tasks. User-friendly functions speed up the entry and processing of travel expense reports, streamlining accounting and reimbursement processes. All travel-related data, as well as the original receipts, are displayed in the SAP Travel Management interface. Information is accessible anywhere along the travel management process lifecycle, improving productivity, reducing errors and processing costs per report.

Exploit the value of this solution by adding OpenText Travel Receipts Capture Center for SAP Solutions. Did you know that our OCR option uses the most advanced document and character recognition capabilities available to turn receipts into machine-readable information?
Based on 30 years of experience and a sophisticated knowledge-base, it first classifies the receipt according to the expense type and then extracts all header and line item details that are necessary to include it into the expense report. Travelers no longer need to waste their time with manual keying. With OCR they simply take a photo of the receipts or send all receipts to a central scanning location.

  • Accelerate reimbursement of travel expenses to employees
  • Enable classification, data extraction, and itemization with optical character recognition
  • Ensure secure archiving and lower storage costs
  • Reduce processing time and cost by using one-time entry and self-service expense reporting
  • Minimize compliance and fraud risks
  • Streamline and simplify audits

Ensure efficient and seamless travel management processes

20 million seats across 13,000 corporate deployments in 114 countries and 12 languages use OpenText solutions to bring people together, share knowledge and achieve excellence. Below are some customer success stories that highlight how OpenText Suite for SAP Solutions products are helping a variety of companies improve efficiency and enhance productivity

Our experience to date with OpenText has been a resounding success. We’ve improved efficiency, made reporting easier, and aided compliance.“

Sven Wylock, Director | Technology / Information Management / Enterprise Content Management, Deloitte Consulting

Our invoice processing operations went from 100 percent paper-based to 100 percent non-paper-based and we were able to reduce our total staff from thirteen FTEs to only five. We’ve decreased invoice processing costs by over 50 percent, driven mainly by headcount reduction, but also due to instituting a more automated process that reduces errors.

Farrah Goldberg, General Accounting Manager, Bumble Bee Foods

We wanted a solution that was proven and could be demonstrated to work from the outset. OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions is tightly integrated and works out of the box, so it was a natural choice for us.

Stephane Haelterman, Extended ECM Project Manager, Belgian Railways

SAP Resells Travel Receipts Management by OpenText

OpenText and SAP are please to announce the fourth expansion of their existing reseller agreement to include SAP Travel Receipts Management by OpenText (also known as OpenText Travel Receipts Management for SAP Solutions).

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