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Tokio Marine

Tokio Marine improves client service quality with rapid delivery of policy information. Leading insurer in Vietnam accelerates the production of policy documents by 40 percent and improves quality of client services with OpenText Exstream.


  • Preparing new policy documents for corporate clients as quickly as possible
  • Collating information for hundreds of documents every day was highly complex
  • Relying on manual production processes was time-consuming and labor-intensive


  • Accelerates creation of new insurance policy documents by 40 percent, helping the company to process growing volumes of client requests

  • Replaced cumbersome manual processes with streamlined digital authoring and editing tools, cutting production costs

  • Improved quality of service as clients receive policy information faster, contributing to higher levels of satisfaction


Working with Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam empowers clients to approach new business opportunities with confidence. Whether clients are shipping cargo across continents or launching into new markets, the insurer aims to deliver a tailored policy that will protect their investments against many forms of risk.

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A lot of people think that things are slower in the cloud. But instead, the access speeds are much faster. And people can access their documents from anywhere at any time, on almost any device. The OpenText Cloud solution just makes it easier for people to get their documents.

Van Nguyen
IT Manager, Tokio Marine Vietnam

Van Nguyen, IT Manager at Tokio Marine Vietnam, explains: “We are growing our presence in Vietnam, but we operate in a challenging, competitive insurance market. To continue our successful expansion, we strive to provide the highest standards of service, including clear, prompt client communications. And internally, we focus on developing efficient workflows that enable us to process increasing numbers of client requests seamlessly.”

Preparing large volumes of policy documents

Among the most important client communications provided by Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam are policy documents that contain the details and terms and conditions of the insurance cover. Whenever new or existing clients request a product, the company prepares and dispatches the policy documents for client review and approval.

“On most weeks, we create around 650 documents, which we send either via email or through the mail, as some companies in Vietnam request a paper copy to sign off,” continues Van Nguyen. “In many cases, collating the information for policy documents forms a difficult task, as some commercial insurance products are highly complex.”

Moving beyond traditional manual processes

To design, edit, and personalize policy documents, Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam previously relied heavily on manual processes. However, this approach consumed many working hours, increased production costs, and heightened the risk of clients having to wait long periods before receiving documents.

“We decided to look for a new way of working, and targeted a smarter, more scalable model better suited to preparing high volumes of policy documents quickly and cost-efficiently,” adds Van Nguyen. “Our first goal was to find a solution that would streamline and accelerate our document workflows.”

Implementing a leading-edge solution

To modernize its client communications strategy, Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam selected OpenText™ Exstream™—a solution purpose-built for creating personalized content. The company worked with OpenText business partner delaware Singapore to implement the solution, including integration with its core insurance system and customer database, before later upgrading to the latest version of the platform to access enhanced content design and authoring tools.

Within Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam, three IT team-members use OpenText Exstream to design document templates, adding corporate styling. Then, 65 front-end users retrieve information from the customer database and update the templates with unique policy terms before the dispatch of the final documents, either as PDFs or paper copies. Van Nguyen comments: “Since the initial deployment, OpenText Exstream has proved hugely valuable for us. Our front-end users find the design tools and intuitive interface of OpenText Exstream especially useful, enabling them to author and edit content with ease, and quickly apply updates to policy schedules and terms and conditions.”

Accelerating critical document workflows

With the latest version of OpenText Exstream, Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam has transformed the speed and efficiency of its policy document preparation processes. The company has replaced slow, cumbersome manual workflows with leading-edge, agile digital tools, enabling users to process growing volumes of client requests seamlessly.

Our front-end users find the design tools and intuitive interface of OpenText Exstream especially useful, enabling them to author and edit content with ease, and quickly apply updates to policy schedules and terms and conditions.

Van Nguyen
IT Manager, Tokio Marine Vietnam

“OpenText Exstream has significantly reduced the time required to generate policy documents,” adds Van Nguyen. “Thanks to OpenText Exstream, we’ve cut the time spent on preparing insurance documents by 40 percent. Faster processing enables our users to handle higher volumes of policy requests—empowering us to grow our business without driving up operational costs.”

In addition, improved production times are helping Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam to deliver exceptional levels of service to clients, who now receive new policy documents faster than ever. “Providing speedy, responsive service at the start of a client relationship is crucial to building long-term loyalty,” adds Van Nguyen. “OpenText Exstream is helping us to make a positive impression at an important time in the client lifecycle.”

Improving operational cost-efficiency

By replacing manual document production with OpenText Exstream, Tokio Marine has also generated valuable cost-savings. With every step of the document authoring and editing process completed through the OpenText solution, the company is achieving a long-term goal of operating more sustainably and reducing use of paper.

The omnichannel capabilities of the OpenText solution also helped Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam maintain business-as-usual during the COVID-19 pandemic. With employees working from home and unable to mail out paper copies, the company concentrated solely on creating digital PDFs to ensure clients continued to receive key insurance documents.

Looking ahead, Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam is keen to explore other potential use cases for OpenText Exstream. In particular, the company is now working with delaware Singapore on a potential integration between the OpenText solution and e-signature tools, which would allow clients to check and approve PDF versions of their policy documents.

“Along with the excellent design functionality, the OpenText solution has always been highly reliable, with round-the-clock availability,” concludes Van Nguyen. “OpenText Exstream enables us to deliver prompt, clear communications to our corporate clients, and will continue to be our go-to platform for generating policy documents in the years ahead.”

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delaware specializes in helping enterprises to deploy of ERP and core business systems. Headquartered in Belgium, delaware has more than 3000 employees and operates across 14 countries worldwide.

About Tokio Marine

For 25 years, enterprises have turned to Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam for high-quality insurance and risk management services. Part of the Japan-based Tokio Marine group that operates in 39 countries, the company provides a wide range of products, from property, engineering, and marine, to trade credit, accident and health, and casualty insurance.

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