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OpenText™ SWIFT Service Bureau provides quick and cost-effective access to the SWIFT network without the administrative burdens and costs of managing the SWIFT infrastructure. This certified SWIFT banking system resides on a global and private cloud-based integration platform, enabling and streamlining SWIFT services between financial institutions and their counterparties.

Choose a leading SWIFT integration provider

  • Expansive global reach

    Address the concerns of doing business globally by utilizing a SWIFT partner that has a presence in major financial centers around the world.

  • Certified partner

    Leverage OpenText’s SWIFT Service Bureau Partner status and SWIFT Shared Infrastructure Program (SIP) certification to identify best-in-class providers.

How OpenText SWIFT Service Bureau benefits business

Discover the advantages of a certified SWIFT integration provider.

  • Reach multiple counter parties

    Efficiently interact with custodian banks, local market infrastructures and corporate customers with direct access to the worldwide financial community.

  • Reduce integration costs

    Leverage efficient SWIFT integration alongside OpenText’s technical infrastructure and expertise for, eliminating the need to invest in infrastructure, maintenance, updates and personnel.

  • Enhance visibility

    Increase transparency, achieve shorter settlement cycles and expedite inquiry resolution with an end-to-end view of transactions and inquiries in the SWIFT messaging network.

  • Increase flexibility

    Utilize multiple SWIFTNet message standards to meet specific organizational and counter party needs.

  • Improve straight through processing

    Use SWIFT messaging standards and market practices developed collaboratively with the financial community to ensure straight through processing of all financial transactions.

Key features of the SWIFT integration solution

  • Network protocol mediation

    Enables a wide variety of secure internet protocols, including AS2, AS3, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS and MQ, to send data to the SWIFT Service Bureau.

  • Message transformation

    Offers any-to-any transformation services through the SWIFT messaging network to convert messages to and from SWIFT MT/MX, ISO20022, ACH, EDI (ANSI and EDIFACT), as well as many other proprietary data formats.

  • Data enrichment

    Provides aggregation and disaggregation of data from multiple disparate sources, allows files and messages to be split, merged or restructured, and offers additional data enrichment and data validation services.

  • Financial institution and corporate onboarding

    Helps manage the end-to-end implementation process for new service bureaus with a proven seven-phase onboarding methodology, including connectivity, map development and end-to-end testing.

  • Non-SWIFT connections

    Enables establishing and managing connections to counterparties that are not SWIFT-enabled through direct SWIFT integration protocols and APIs, including accommodating file transmissions up to multiple gigabytes, between counterparties.

Frequently asked questions

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a network that allows financial organizations to securely send transaction information and instructions. A system of standardized codes ensures communication and cross-border payment processing is fast, reliable and secure.

SWIFT integration allows organizations to eliminate manual, time-consuming activities associated with cross-border payments. This helps streamline processes, reduce costs and minimize human error.

Not every country is part of SWIFT. However, the network is made up of more than 200 countries and territories.

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