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Digital Investigations and Forensics

Get to the truth faster with reliable investigation results


Making the world a safer place with OpenText Digital Investigations and Forensics

OpenText™ Digital Investigations and Forensics solutions help collect, process, analyze and report on digital evidence for faster, more thorough results.

How Digital Investigations and Forensics can benefit business

  • Close cases quickly

    Optimize workflows, accelerate evidence processing and deploy artificial intelligence capabilities to close cases faster and reduce backlogs.

  • Find relevant evidence anywhere

    Capture information from a variety of devices, delving into suspects’ digital footprints and identifying activity trends to shine the spotlight on critical evidence.

  • Improve investigation efficiency

    Quickly identify the most likely devices that contain relevant evidence so investigations and resources can move forward and focus in the right direction.

  • Improve public safety and protect your business

    Follow the digital footprint of potential bad actors and produce quick, thorough, reliable investigation results that eliminate risk and protect public safety.

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