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Tackle any data analytics challenge—no exceptions

Blazing analytics speed at petabyte scale

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Data is an organization’s most strategic asset—it’s how insights are gained, opportunities are seized, and success is achieved. Yet, how do you harness huge volumes of diverse data across the enterprise to use it for a competitive advantage?

Unlock the power of your data with the OpenText™ Aviator Platform. This innovative solution enables you to reduce costs, achieve real-time analytics, and make data-driven decisions based on strategic insights. With OpenText Aviator Database, Analytics, and Intelligence you can maximize the value of your diverse data to confidently predict and act on business opportunities while managing risk and costs.

The only engine you need for both input and output

Discover the unstoppable power of an end-to-end analytics platform

  • Make sense of your big data

    Perform analytics even when your data volumes approach petabytes or when you’re serving thousands of users. OpenText Aviator Database scales like no other for all data types: structured, unstructured, and semi-structured.

  • Leverage 150+ connectors to lower costs

    Lower costs in storing, transferring, and managing data with a unified platform that takes away wasteful cloud costs and costly data duplication.

  • BI to AI and everything in between

    Meet the needs of data scientists, business analysts and your entire organization with OpenText Aviator Analytics—BI to AI, voice, video, audio and dark data.

Leave your data where it is, connect to it and put it to work for you

Maintain your data in its current location, establish a seamless connection and master its utilization to your advantage.

  • Data warehouse and data lake

    Take control of the latest data and make predictions about customers, suppliers, IoT devices with comprehensive data analysis with OpenText Aviator Database.

  • Visualization and data discovery

    Empower your team with interactive visual reports that you can use or embed within your applications. Uncover secrets in unknown data with data discovery with OpenText Aviator Intelligence.

  • Unstructured data analytics

    Get the most out of text, voice, video, and audio as you perform voice-to-text, facial recognition, and enterprise search with OpenText Aviator Analytics.

Explore Aviator solutions

Aviator for Business

Explore innovative AI capabilities of OpenText Aviator to reimagine work for your organization across all functional areas:

Aviator for Technologists

Get all you can out of AI with engineering platforms and tools to help your organization seamlessly establish information flows and orchestrate data.

  • OpenText™ Aviator Search
    Give users access to the answers they need, faster and easier, with multi-repository search capabilities that let you customize everything from clicks to conversations
  • OpenText™ Aviator IoT
    Connect people, systems, and things to reimagine how to best manage high-value assets and accelerate your business
  • OpenText™ Aviator Thrust and Thrust Studio
    Build it your way with OpenText Cloud APIs that create the real-time information flows that enable custom applications and workflows
  • OpenText™ Aviator Lab
    Experiment with AI with our professional services experts and explore what you can do with AI in the OpenText Private Cloud

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