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Transcom achieves PCI compliance to boost customer experience. Customer experience specialists apply OpenText Qfiniti to improve quality monitoring and meet stringent compliance quotas


  • Maintain market-leading position as customer experience specialists
  • Adhere to stringent PCI compliance requirements
  • Deliver outstanding experiences on behalf of their own customers


  • Helps to maintain and control PCI compliance rating

  • Reduces overall average handle time by eight percent

  • Increases quality measurement by 10 percent year-on-year


It needed a powerful tool for both quality monitoring and compliance recording. With OpenText™ Qfiniti, Transcom has seen a measurable 10 percent increase in quality year-on-year, with increased agent proficiency and boosted productivity.

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Deploying OpenText Qfiniti within Transcom has proven to be a useful deterrent to frauds, as we have had no instances of fraud on those seats where Qfiniti is deployed and maintain that 100 percent record.

Steven Halfpenny
Head of Global IT Delivery, Transcom


Customer experience specialists

It is often the case that a large technology or communications company may require an external team to handle the customer service side of its business. Award-winning customer experience specialists, Transcom, with its positioning in the top three of global business process outsourcing companies, is more than capable of taking on such a demanding role.

Steven Halfpenny, head of global IT delivery at Transcom, explained, “Transcom is a global customer experience specialist. We provide customer care, sales, technical support and credit management services through our extensive network of contact centers and work-at-home agents.”

Transcom handles more than 1.5 million calls per day for its customers, and management of sensitive information is at the heart of what the company does. Regulatory compliance is therefore strictly adhered to, and OpenText Qfiniti was chosen to secure the handling of sensitive payment card and personal information to ensure that the company’s reputation for excellence is maintained.

“OpenText Qfiniti is currently rolled out to 10,000 of our contact center agent seats, recording more than one million minutes of calls per month,” said Halfpenny.

Quality control

You can be sure that market-leading, global brands would not rely on Transcom to handle customer calls if the quality of these interactions was not up to standard. Qfiniti provides the quality assurance that Transcom requires when recording customer calls, masking all sensitive payment data from the recordings and in assisting agents to navigate through an easy-to-use system so that call handling time is kept to a minimum.

“We need to make sure our agents conduct themselves properly on a call, not only as a representative of Transcom, but also as a representative of our customers. When we have credit card enquiries, we have to be compliant and certified under PCI regulations,” said Halfpenny.

The Qfiniti Advise module is hugely beneficial for our call center agents. It has a direct effect on how agents work and how they improve call handling skills.

Steven Halfpenny
Head of Global IT Delivery, Transcom


Transcom and OpenText WFO Software have been working together for the last nine years, with Qfiniti safeguarding business processes this entire time. When it was recently determined that the incumbent solution needed updating, OpenText proved the value of the partnership by helping Transcom implement a robust, flexible and, most importantly, future-proof solution.

Understandably, Transcom relied on a trusted partner who not only understood the customer experience industry but was capable of implementing a highly customizable, robust and flexible solution to help it maintain and improve quality throughout.

Halfpenny said “One thing we have found with working with OpenText is that they are always there to help us. They have a great understanding of the needs of the customer service industry, and we are in a stronger position because of the relationship we have with OpenText.”


Tailored to the need

When Transcom decided to upgrade its incumbent solution, Qfiniti was the offering that really stood out because the most suitable modules from the integrated Qfiniti suite could be tailored to the specific needs of the business.

“OpenText WFO Software has been a partner of Transcom with the Qfiniti product since 2006 for both quality monitoring and compliance recording. The product was chosen as a powerful tool with recording, search and playback options to increase agent proficiency and boost productivity, delivering against a low total cost of ownership,” said Halfpenny.

OpenText™ Qfiniti Observe

Qfiniti has advanced call recording tools that enable vital flexibility and added intelligence for workflow management. The Qfiniti Observe module offers full-time interaction recording for any enterprise that has compliance or liability recording needs.

This is particularly handy for Transcom and its customers, where PCI compliance is vital. Qfiniti Observe provides Transcom with an unprecedented level of compliance in email, IM, chat and audio recordings, ensuring these interactions are managed within regulatory and corporate policies.

“We can do a percentage-based recording for quality monitoring, blanket recording for compliancy, or we may be making outbound calls for a credit card company and are legally bound to record all calls and store them in an encrypted manner,” explained Halfpenny. “The Qfiniti Observe module allows us to do that.”

OpenText™ Qfiniti ICE

Transcom has managed to maintain a flawless anti-fraud record by using the Qfiniti solution. With the Qfiniti ICE module, pre-set triggers can identify sensitive data within interactions and automatically redact this information from the recording. This ensures full compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

“The agent will be carrying out an interaction with a customer, when credit card information starts to be inputted, and the system automatically starts to mask the recording and blanks out the personal credit card information, ensuring that this information isn’t recorded or stored,” says Halfpenny.

OpenText™ Qfiniti Advise

For any business that deals with the public, evaluating the performance of contact center agents is vital, and requires a powerful tool to facilitate this. Qfiniti Advise empowers performance management teams with the ability to evaluate, stack rank and perform gap analysis.

For Transcom, continuous improvement is vital for its employees in order for the company to continue to be an effective force for its partners.

“The Qfiniti Advise module is hugely beneficial for our call center agents. It has a direct effect on how agents work and how they improve call handling skills,” explained Halfpenny.

OpenText Qfiniti has directly contributed to a measurable 10 percent increase in quality year-on-year.

Steven Halfpenny
Head of global IT delivery, Transcom


Fraud protection and compliance

Qfiniti has had a direct impact in two of the areas that matter most to Transcom PCI compliance and fraud protection. “Qfiniti has directly contributed to a measurable 10 percent increase in quality year-on-year,” said Halfpenny. “In terms of fraud, deploying Qfiniti within Transcom has proven to be a useful deterrent, as we have had no instances of fraud on those seats where Qfiniti is deployed and maintain that 100 percent record.”

Achieving profitability

Every minute of every day, Transcom operates on the understanding that satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any business. Transcom’s own lifeblood depends on the ability to deliver outstanding experiences on behalf of its customers, and Qfiniti makes this happen by empowering the majority of Transcom’s 29,000 customer experience specialists, across 54 contact centers in 23 countries—a clear example of the solution’s superior scalability in large, distributed contact center environments.

As with any business, profitability is key. The Qfiniti platform not only achieves this for Transcom, but provides a vital framework on which Transcom can build and prepare for a rapidly evolving customer experience industry. The ability to resolve queries on first contact, garnering insights on information captured within call and screen recordings, managing calls efficiently and maintaining a low total cost of ownership, are all features which give Halfpenny and his team the confidence they need to manage costs while providing the highest quality service.

In these ways, Qfiniti enables Transcom to focus on what it does best. Halfpenny and his team have the assurance that together, they can deliver on what their customers demand—strict adherence to PCI compliance and the highest-possible quality of customer interactions—so that the company can profit from the effort.

An evolving industry

Clearly, Transcom and OpenText WFO Software have built the type of solid partnership required to meet the needs of ever more demanding customers. The robustness and flexibility of Qfiniti will enable Transcom to evolve with the highly competitive customer service industry, as Halfpenny explained: “More and more people will move away from old forms of communication to smart phones, smart devices… smart everything. The latest Gartner reports suggest 75 percent of first contact at call centers is done through voice, 25 percent through other forms of media. Within the next five years, Gartner predicts this will turn on its head, so obviously we need to adapt our lines.” He added, “I think Qfiniti will form a key strategic piece for Transcom, with its recording capabilities at capturing not only voice, but screen as well.”

About Transcom

Transcom is a global customer experience enterprise headquartered in the UK that handles more than 1.5 million calls per day and records more than one million minutes of calls per month.

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