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Jet Privilege

Jet Privilege boosts loyalty through a targeted, segmented personalization approach. Award-winning loyalty and rewards management programme and frequent flyer programme of Jet Airways, use OpenText TeamSite and OpenText LiveSite for targeted online experiences


  • Communicating huge portfolio of services, offerings
  • Managing multiple web properties and campaigns
  • Offering personalized content tied to business needs


  • Capabilities to ‘create once, deliver many’ for web properties and marketing channels

  • Customer action and value driven through segmentation based on KPIs

  • Faster time to market for content, campaigns


Jet Privilege is focused on delivering a highly rewarding experience for its members. The company partnered with OpenText for its web content management solution—TeamSite and LiveSite—to deliver dynamic, personalized content for a targeted, segmented and individually relevant experience.

That level of personalization is able to give us business results and KPIs around cross-selling, higher retention and utilization of services.

Ketan Phanse
Head of Information Technology, Jet Privilege

Moments of opportunity

Customer experience management is made of moments, according to Ketan Phanse, head of Information Technology for Jet Privilege. “Rather than looking at customer experience as a journey, you can break it down into smaller moments,” he explained. “Whether a moment of service, a moment of purchase, or a moment of decision…how you identify and treat that moment for a particular customer is what makes a good customer experience. It’s all about the interaction moments along the way.”

Jet Privilege Pvt. Ltd. is an independent, loyalty and rewards management company formed in 2014, after the strategic alliance between Jet Airways and Etihad Airways. Jet Privilege has been on a growth journey, with a focus on enhancing the programme to appeal to new members, as well as driving engagement with existing members through a series of air and non-air value propositions, such as shopping, dining, hotel bookings and more. These value propositions create multiple opportunities for members to earn JPMiles—the programme’s reward currency—and then redeem the accumulated JPMiles for Award Flights.

A clear choice

After evaluating various options, the organization chose the web content management solution, OpenText TeamSite—a flexible platform that simplifies content control across all marketing channels, including websites, mobile platforms, email, portals and more. The next clear choice of integration was OpenText LiveSite, the personalization component of TeamSite that enables automatic rendering and display of websites, microsites, online communities and e-commerce sites from marketing professionals directly to customers.

“We definitely wanted to go down the personalization route,” noted Phanse. “The way we were planning to build our content management system and entire website would turn into a more personalized delivery of content for our members. That’s where TeamSite and LiveSite capabilities stood out for us.”

Website evolution

Early on, Jet Privilege launched its website offering its members multiple ways to earn JPMiles across various categories like shopping, dining, credit cards, hotels and more. These accumulated JPMiles can then be redeemed for Award Flights on Jet Airways, Etihad Airways and its many other airline partners. “Since we offered our members various miles for earning and burning opportunities, we wanted to showcase the breadth of the programme in a very simple and visually appealing manner,” said Phanse.

Jet Privilege focused on simplifying the experience from a member perspective. Using TeamSite, the home page of the website was revamped by creating an integrated search widget to serve as the single information source for key Jet Privilege programme offerings.

TeamSite eases content management across multiple web properties and marketing channels. The tool helps the Jet Privilege team create once and deliver multiple times. In addition, marketing team members release several monthly campaigns. The campaigns can use components already created on the main website.

Jet Privilege

Having a customercentric approach is an organization-wide phenomenon and the key to deliver this is to personalize the content and messaging to the extent that it adds value to the member experience in all aspects.

Ketan Phanse
Head of Information Technology, Jet Privilege

Strategic segmentation

Using LiveSite, Jet Privilege created member-led personas and has started personalizing the web experience. “Having a customer-centric approach is an organization-wide phenomenon and the key to deliver this is to personalize the content and messaging to the extent that it adds value to the member experience in all aspects,” noted Phanse.

The segmentation approach not only applies to the web as a channel, but also across any interaction through digital channels.

Macro, micro-segment framework

Leveraging personalized content delivery in TeamSite and LiveSite, Jet Privilege developed a macro- and micro-segment framework.

For instance, when a member visits the site with a voucher code close to expiration, the system automatically references the code and pre-fills the number for a shopping transaction. For members who hold a programme co-branded credit card, the web displays the flight booking stub of the search widget with a personalized message identifying the card’s available discount percentage.

Increasing customer lifetime value

For metrics and business growth, Jet Privilege strives to define and measure customer lifetime value, then ensure customers are served in accordance with their status.

Teamsite and LiveSite enhances Jet Privilege’s ability to track interaction, then target content to drive customer lifetime value or other metrics. Jet Privilege is driving loyalty by connecting deeply in the moments that matter. “That level of personalization is able to give us business results and KPIs around cross-selling, higher retention and utilization of services,” Phanse said.

Furthermore, OpenText web experience management optimized for multiple channels speeds marketing efforts. “We have adopted agile as a mindset at the organizational level in whatever we do,” noted Phanse.

Service from Mphasis and OpenText

To implement and maintain TeamSite, Jet Privilege works closely with Mphasis, an OpenText partner and OpenText. “They have been one of our key partners in our journey,” Phanse said, noting consistent, co-operative deployment and support from OpenText that is “active and engaging.” Jet Privilege also recognizes the opportunity and benefits of partnering with a provider that maintains a full quiver of solutions in enterprise content management and digital asset management.

About Jet Privilege

Jet Privilege Private Limited (JPPL) is an independent, loyalty and rewards Management Company formed in 2014, post the strategic alliance between Jet Airways and Etihad Airways, with the aim to manage, market, operate and further develop JetPrivilege – an internationally acclaimed award winning loyalty and rewards programme.

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