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Securely exchange all types and sizes of data and files between business partners


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Traditional file exchange methods, such as email and FTP, are restricted to smaller file transfers and are not secure enough for sensitive or proprietary content. With managed file transfer (MFT) solutions, organizations can quickly, securely and reliably exchange larger, critical files, such as CAD/CAM designs, healthcare records, financial information or human resources files.

OpenText™ can help organizations ensure data and critical information of any size reaches its destination.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Increase security and compliance

    Ensure secure transfers meet regulatory compliance standards with encryption, non-repudiation and digital certificates for authentication.

  • Transfer large files quickly

    Exchange very large and rich media documents faster than FTP or HTTP.

  • Improve efficiency and collaboration

    Add support for both structured and unstructured data to easily and efficiently collaborate with business partners.

  • Automate routine processes

    Schedule data exchange or set up event-driven processes to allow users to manage by exception.

Business impacts

  • Remove email size limitations

    CAD and other graphic heavy files can be too large for traditional email. Users are left struggling to find a way to get these critical files to their intended recipients. Remove size limitations and ensure files reach their destination.

  • Data breach risks

    Without an efficient, secure data-sharing option, there is high risk of users sharing sensitive data via non-secured methods. Deploy a single, user-friendly MFT solution for the entire organization to protect against breaches.

  • Transfer notifications

    File transfer systems with slow transfer speeds and intermittent connectivity can cause damaged files and missed deadlines. Confirm transfers have gone through and files were received and manage by exception with failure notifications.

  • Complex information flows

    A mix of systems, sites, Lines-of-Business and partners complicates high-volume file transfers. Improve visibility and support communication and collaboration across internal and external connections to keep information flowing.

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