Internal, Compliance and Regulatory Investigations

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of legal and compliance professionals still perform manual document reviews for investigations even though 42% don’t have enough resources to complete the work[1]


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A rise in internal, regulatory and compliance investigations related to whistleblower allegations, employee misconduct, cyber breaches, regulatory compliance and data privacy breaches increases cost, resource and deadline pressures on legal and compliance professionals. Yet, most organizations still take a time-consuming, resource-intensive manual approach to investigate their documents to find the facts.

Internal, Compliance and Regulatory Investigations solutions accelerate fact-finding to enable strategic case decisions, mitigate risks and slash traditional review costs.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Accelerate time to the facts and meet tight deadlines

    Leverage technology augmented with expertise to find the critical facts in weeks not months.

  • Reduce investigation costs

    Save on traditional document review by implementing technology that helps rapidly uncover key documents and inform strategy.

  • Gain budget certainty

    Accurately scope projects and arrange fixed fees to eliminate budget overruns.

  • Reduce risk

    Assess and remediate risk to reduce potential fines and sanctions, protect the brand and preserve shareholder value.

  • Improve productivity

    Outsource tasks to investigation specialists to free up internal resources to focus on case merits and strategy rather than investigation logistics.

Business impacts

  • Fact finding

    Underlying facts are often unclear at the outset of an investigation. Technology and expertise can help quickly and easily uncover facts needed to make earlier strategic decisions. Find the facts fast and cost-effectively.

  • Internal investigations

    When an organization suspects an employee of wrongdoing, such as harassment, discrimination or IP theft, they must quickly uncover facts and take decisive action to limit risk and mitigate damage. Protect the organization inside and out.

  • Regulatory risk

    When regulatory infringement is identified, it is critical to manage risk and self-report to authorities.  Finding crucial evidence can reduce the risk of fines or reputational harm. Stay ahead of regulatory risk.

  • Early case assessment

    When litigation is on the horizon, knowing the case merits and strengths provides a significant competitive advantage. Uncovering the key documents up front informs accurate early case assessment. Get rapid, data-driven case strategy.

  • Non-existent document proof

    Proving a negative is harder than showing something occurred. It is exhaustive and cost-prohibitive to prove no documents exist that are responsive to a regulatory demand. Reduce the costs and burden with technology-assisted review.

  • Due diligence

    In mergers and acquisitions, rapid and thorough due diligence processes are critical. Yet, traditional processes are time-consuming and resource-intensive. Accurately assess risk to make strategic decisions and quickly move forward with confidence.

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