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It includes unlimited EnCase™ classroom courses at OpenText™ training facilities, including Pasadena, CA, Gaithersburg, MD, Reading, UK, and Munich, Germany. It also includes unlimited EnCase™ OnDemand courses and EnCase™ virtual classes.

Subscriptions are not accepted at authorized training partner locations or for private courses.

The OpenText Learning Subscription, Security Edition includes all EnCase™ OnDemand courses. Each course may be taken one time and students will be enrolled for a period of 30 days.

Each OpenText Learning subscription can only be assigned to one individual. However, these subscriptions can be transferred. Unused subscriptions may be transferred at no cost. Fees will apply to transfer a subscription that has been used. Please contact training@opentext.com to request a transfer.

Your transcript will continue to be available in your account. However, some archived legacy courses may not be visible from the learner interface. If you need a copy of your transcript, please contact OpenText Learning Services at learningondemand@opentext.com.

To ensure we deliver the highest value content, the new interface will launch courses that correspond with the most current versions of the OpenText product catalog. When possible, training for the preceding product version will be available. Courses corresponding to older versions of OpenText products will be archived.

If you need an older version of training, please contact us at training@opentext.com.

In order to enhance courses with new features that better allow you to resume your progress any time you need to leave, we have to publish new versions of the courses. If you have finished an equivalent course (same product and version), your transcript should reflect the newly published version as completed. If your transcript does not reflect this, contact us at learningondemand@opentext.com.

No. Once the new interface is live, your login will bring you directly to the new and improved learner experience.

Instructor-led training

Watch our short five minute video, Accessing eBooks from OpenText Learning Services.

Payment instructions will be provided with your registration confirmation. Accepted payment methods are credit card, wire transfer, or check. We will also accept company purchase orders for invoicing.

Classroom and vClass courses have limited capacities, which cannot be exceeded. Registrants who sign up for a class that is full may be added to a wait list. Upon availability, seats will be offered in the order that registrations are received.

You will be provided access to a digital manual. Physical copies of manuals are not available for Training OnDemand courses at this time.


Please refer to the list of available certifications.

Three years. See our list of certification policies and regulations.

Register for the certification you’d like to renew and complete the current certification exam.

Digital badging

Digital badges are widely used in the technology industry as a verifiable, visual indicator of people’s knowledge, skills and competencies. They provide an easy and powerful way for people to promote their accomplishments through online and social sites and for others to verify their authenticity. Increasingly, employers are looking for proof of qualifications when hiring—and promoting.

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A digital badge is an online representation of an achievement. They are secure, web credentials that contain verifiable information. Digital badges refer to badges that adhere to the Open Badge Specification led by the IMS Global Learning Consortium for recognizing and validating learning.

Accepting, storing, managing and sharing OpenText Digital Badges is free and exclusive to those who have earned an OpenText Digital Badge.

OpenText uses Credly’s badge platform to translate learning outcomes into digital badges. This allows the badge earner to manage, accept and share their credentials as a digital asset. Every credential and profile on Credly has a unique URL that can be embedded on a resume or website.

Credly is an enterprise-class digital badging platform. The Credly web platform provides a secure means of storage, transport and credential publishing that adds a layer of protection against those who may falsely claim high-stakes credentials.

OpenText has entered into a vendor relationship with Credly to implement a program for web-enabled credentials displayed as digital badges, and is where badges can be claimed, stored and transmitted. It is also where the metadata contained within the credentials can be verified.

Please see the Credly Help Center for additional details.

Privacy settings can be easily configured in the Credly platform. Users are in complete control of the information about themselves that is made public. If you enroll for OpenText Digital Badges, your data is governed by Credly's Privacy Policy.

The visual representation of OpenText digital badges also allows contacts to verify the credentials that you have achieved. When anyone sees the visual indicator, they can click on it and get information from Credly on the badge earning criteria and whether it is current for the individual.

First, complete a consent form to agree to this. Upon earning a badge, OpenText will send your information to Credly to issue your digital badge. You will then receive an email from admin@credly.com with instructions to claim the badge and set up a Credly account, subject to their terms of service.

Claiming digital badges is quick and easy:

  • Click the link in the email you receive
  • Create an account on the Credly site, and confirm your email address
  • Claim your digital badge
  • Start sharing

Questions? Watch this short video to learn how to claim and share your digital badge.

To give us permission to send your information to Credly, complete the enrollment process.

If you have not approved sharing of your information, your information will not be sent to Credly and your digital badge will not be awarded.

Recipients are in control of how and when an OpenText Digital Badge is shared. All badge holder and badge information can be configured within their Credly profile. Those who don’t wish to participate in the OpenText Digital Badge program may discard the digital badge notification email.

Badges do not expire, however the validity is governed by the product support lifecycle. The badge will be updated to reflect validity.

Yes, downloaded badges contain Open Badge Specification-compliant metadata embedded into the image. This allows badges to be stored on other OBS-compliant badge sites.

Digital badges can be shared on social and professional networking sites, through email or on personal websites. Follow Credly's guides on sharing to social media.

For questions about earning OpenText Digital Badges contact training@opentext.com.

For assistance with Credly digital badge issues visit the Credly Help Center.


Upcoming courses can be found on the EnCase™ Courses page. Submit the sign-up form and we will reach out once your registration has been processed. Processing of registrations can take 2-3 business days. If you have pre-purchased or have received a training quote, include the reference number or quote number.

Once testing eligibility requirements are met, an EnCE application should be submitted to encasecertification@opentext.com for review. Upon approval and payment of testing fees, testing instructions will be provided by the EnCase™ Training department.

Some prerequisites can be waived based on experience, related certifications, and other training, with approval. Request a waiver by submitting your curriculum vitae to encasecertification@opentext.com. Waivers will not be approved for classes that have mandatory prerequisites.

Yes, you may register for the course you would like to attend and your seat will be held until the payment due date (21 days prior to the start of class). If the course begins in less than 21 days, payment will be due immediately. Contact encasecertification@opentext.com to make payment.

Registrations can take 2 to 3 business days to process. You will be contacted either at the email address or the phone number you provided on the sign-up form. If you have not been contacted within 3 business days, please contact encasecertification@opentext.com or call us at +1-626 463 7966.

Individuals must register for each EnCase™ Training OnDemand course in which they wish to be enrolled. Upon payment of tuition or acceptance of prepaid training programs, such as on a OpenText Learning Subscription, Security Edition, you will be provided login credentials to access the class lessons. Registration can take up to 2 to 3 business days to process.

You are not required to purchase EnCase™ software before attending training. For classroom and vClass training, students will be provided a computer station or remote access to one running the applicable EnCase™ solution. For Training OnDemand students, lessons and practicals will be accessed through a portal.

Classroom and virtual courses are eligible for CPE credits. Students that complete courses will receive a completion certificate and a CPE certificate. OnDemand courses do not qualify for CPE credits (a completion certificate is available and can be put towards EnCE and CFSR certifications).

Guidance Software, Inc. (acquired by OpenText Inc.) is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). State boards have final authority to accept CPE credits. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors.

Classroom and vClass courses range between 2 to 4 days in length (16 to 32 CPE credit hours). Training OnDemand classes run the same length of time, however, the courses are self-paced. Individuals can review Training OnDemand lessons at their convenience during their 30-day enrollment period.

Enrollments can be cancelled at any time, however, a late cancellation fee will be charged should you cancel or reschedule attendance in a class 10 business days or less from the start of the class. Please email encasecertification@opentext.com to cancel or change your registration.

Software is not included with the purchase of training, however, students will be given access to use EnCase™ software during training. Some discounts may apply if bundling software and training together. For more information on training and software bundles, contact Sales or call +1-626-229-9191.

Please contact encasecertification@opentext.com to request a record of your training history.

Tuition prices are the same for all customers. Please contact encasecertification@opentext.com to find out if any discounts or promotions apply.

Please contact OpenText Authorized Training Partners (ATP) for certified, partner-delivered courses in regions outside of the United States.

View the list of Authorized Training Partners

Learning Materials License

The OpenText Learning Materials License is an option for your organization to license either a course guide or self-paced content for your organization. For details regarding OpenText products see the OpenText Learning Materials License overview. Use of “Learning Materials” for Micro Focus products is defined as defined in the Learning Services Terms for Micro Focus Products. Purchase is subject to the Learning Services Terms for Micro Focus Products.

When a customer purchases Learning Materials, the customer is granted a license to the version of the Learning Materials that they received as detailed on the applicable Order. In the event that Mico Focus creates a new version of the Learning Materials, the customer will not be entitled to receive the new version of the Learning Materials unless purchased through a new Order.

The OpenText Learning Materials License gives you the flexibility to decide how to deploy and make use of the content; either through instructor-led or self-paced courses. The course guides give you the same content that is delivered by our learning experts in our public classroom.

eLearning Content - “per title” or “per course”. If the Customer purchases eLearning Learning Materials, the Customer will only receive access to Learning Materials for the actual courses or titles purchased, as listed in the applicable Order.

Course Guide - “per Day of Course”. Since the instruction service for each set of courses in any given Learning Materials lasts for a specific number of days, the number of “per Day of Course” days for a specific “Course Guide” is equal to the number of days of the course. For instance, if the instructional services have a duration of 3 days, then the “Course Guide” is measured and licensed as 3 “Days of Course”.

Right to Copy - You can purchase a Learning Materials License to copy the content within your organization. Consider the limited use and global use depending on the size of your organization. “Right to Copy” means the customer’s right to copy and distribute the Learning Materials for internal purposes.

Right to Modify - You can purchase a Learning Materials License with the right to modify the content to ensure your training reflects how you have deployed OpenText solutions within your organization. “Right to Modify” means the customer’s right to modify, copy, and distribute the Learning Materials for internal purposes.

Limited Use - means use of the Learning Materials limited to the list of countries detailed on the Order.

Global Use - means worldwide use of the Learning Materials Products

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