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Supporting business growth by moving to a new ITSM solution that boosts agent productivity


  • Boosted productivity for agents with high availability SaaS platform.
  • Transformed change management by consolidating multitool change and approval processes in one central location.
  • Freed up time to focus on core business operations by implementing ITSM on SaaS.


Support business growth by moving to a new ITSM solution that boosts agent productivity, enables greater automation, and frees up time to focus on core operations.


Seeking new ITSM

“Our software and sensors are deployed across some of the world’s most critical infrastructure,” said Patrick Quin, manager of operational excellence at Envirosuite. “We’re focused on delivering exceptional customer service where uptime and reliability are crucial. To live up to our high customer standards and focus on our core business, we knew we had to move to a new ITSM solution.”

A 20-year-old ticketing system caused a fair share of the company’s challenges. “It was an on-prem system hosted and supported in our local Melbourne datacenter,” said Quin. “We were falling behind on updates. Connecting to the data center from our many global locations was becoming problematic. And users were finding alternative ways to work.”

It had to be SaaS

At Envirosuite, the ticketing tool sits at the heart of business processes across the organization and is used by developers, field service staff, sales, and finance. “We engaged deeply with different parts of the business to identify our current and future needs,” Quin said. Easy user access from around the world, mobile-friendly self-service options, and support for a great deal of automation and integration topped the list of requirements.

But the number one requirement was a SaaS-based ITSM solution. According to Quin, “Not having to worry about upgrades and having an expert organization be responsible for ongoing maintenance was key.”

Following an extensive multivendor evaluation process and an impressive demonstration from OpenText (formerly Micro Focus), Envirosuite chose OpenText™ Service Management Automation X on SaaS. “We could see ourselves using SMAX right out of the box,” Quin said.

Concurrent user licensing really stood out for us as well. Sharing licenses meant a huge amount of flexibility for supporting our global workforce and growth plans.

Patrick Quin
Manager-Operational Excellence

Concurrent licensing is perfect for situations where the system is used occasionally or at different times. Agents can tap into a pool of licenses, which helps reduce costs because individual agent licenses don’t need to be purchased.

Making SMAX happen

Envirosuite worked with EoraTech, a local OpenText (formerly Micro Focus) gold partner with extensive experience in ITSM, ITOM, and cloud, to smooth the path from a legacy platform to SMAX. EoraTech helped to configure SMAX and build critical integrations with Salesforce, Atlassian Jira, Envirosuite’s email system, and five different monitoring systems. “Instead of spending time dealing with simple queries, Envirosuite can now focus on providing value-added support for their customers” said Vinni Appugol, managing director for EoraTech.

EoraTech also provided the necessary training for a successful rollout. In just four months— notably, during a busy holiday period—the company went live with SMAX.

Quin had good things to say about Envirosuite’s partnership with OpenText (formerly Micro Focus) and EoraTech. “We had a great cultural fit and both organizations were clearly invested in our success,” he said.

A smashing success!

By all accounts, SMAX is a smashing success. Incident and change management are two important processes that are now automated by SMAX. Envirosuite has also made remarkable improvements in change management, already a well-developed process at the company.

“Using SMAX for change management has been simply transformative,” Quin said. “Our teams have moved from using four different tools to having everything centralized in SMAX. Through automated approvals and email routing, we’ve eliminated the need to re-key information, and we have clear visibility of all steps in the chain.”

Users are happy too.

We continue to receive fantastic feedback from our users – as accessibility has greatly improved thanks to the high availability SaaS platform. We have a modern system that allows easy sharing of data. And we can focus on our core business operations by shifting ongoing ITSM maintenance and updates to OpenText (formerly Micro Focus).

Patrick Quin
Manager-Operational Excellence

Looking ahead, there are more integration opportunities, processes to streamline, and knowledge articles to build for true self-service operations. “As corporate social responsibility obligations grow in importance, we need to demonstrate reliability and a superior customer experience,” Quin said. “SMAX has positioned us to rise to this challenge with confidence.”

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