Breach Response

Fulfill notification obligations and assess breach impact to mitigate risk

more data breaches occurred in 2021 than ever seen before, resulting in revenue loss, damage to brands and IP theft [1]


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The costs and implications of data breaches include loss in revenue, damage to reputation including customer and shareholder confidence, potential legal action and fines. Disruption to the business can add significant additional costs, as can the long-term impact of stolen IP and other critical business data.

Breach Response solutions offer investigations and data analysis expertise, technology and processes to swiftly and effectively discover, analyze and report on all forms of breached data.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Comply with breach notification regulations

    Attain the detailed insights to satisfy regulators and inform affected individuals exactly what data was breached.

  • Minimize loss of goodwill

    Itemize breached data so customers can be informed quickly and assured their data privacy is taken seriously.

  • Minimize disruption

    Quickly assess what data was breached to improve data protection policies and programs, harden data breach response plans and resume business as usual.

  • Know the full extent of damage from data breaches

    Gain insight into all personal data and confidential business information (CBI), such as IP and client lists, to fully understand the implications of the breach.

  • Drill down on CBI

    Analyzing the impact of breached CBI such as IP, client lists and contracts requires the effective use of eDiscovery platforms to extract the relevant data.

  • Get expert support

    Leverage breach investigation experts to handle everything from collection to analysis and reporting.

Business impacts

  • Breach response time

    Data breaches demand immediate attention. Many organizations scramble to respond with limited resources, disrupting operations, delaying response and damaging their reputation. Quickly discover, analyze and report on breached data.

  • Reporting obligations

    Breached data must be associated with specific people to fulfill notification obligations. Many organizations lack the in-house resources to meet the tight 72-hour reporting requirements. Ensure timely reporting compliance.

  • Future breaches

    When a breach happens, organizations need to take steps to prevent it from happening again. If the attack source cannot be found, breach response and prevention are less effective. Detect the source and reduce future threats.

  • Varying breach circumstances

    Every breach is different. Organizations must continually adapt methods, staffing and services to address new challenges, a time-consuming and costly process. Effectively respond to any breach.

  • Large data volumes

    Most breaches involve large data volumes. Manual review is both costly and impractical. Automate processes to speed response and reduce budget and resource burdens.

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  1. [1]Thomson Reuters, State of Corporate Law Departments, 2021

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