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Deliver consistent visibility and policy controls across all business content

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OpenText™ Core Governance and Protection capabilities deliver cross-repository visibility and policy controls to ensure organizational information governance, processes and reporting are transparent and defensible. Governance and Protection empowers records administrators and risk managers to develop, deploy and track an organizational retention policy, perform legal hold collections, and report on compliance across repositories.

How Core Governance and Protection can benefit business

Discover the advantages of Core Governance and Protection

  • Mitigate risk and exposure

    Actively classify and manage information with intelligent and automated rules, ensuring sensitive information remains secure.

  • Simplify eDiscovery

    Classify information both actively and passively to minimize effort and accelerate discovery requests.

  • Comply with privacy regulations

    Proactively scan and identify exposed personally identifiable information (PII) and other information security risks to comply with a wide array of privacy regulations.

  • Enhance records and information governance

    Improve control and insight into how content is utilized across the organization to implement a defensible platform for information governance.


  • Event-based retention

    Enriches processes with content and automates event-based compliance through deep business application integration.

  • Centralized compliance dashboard

    Allows users to visualize, manage and apply governance across integrated repositories for a consolidated view of compliance across the enterprise.

  • Unified record policy management

    Offers a federated approach to records and retention policies to monitor, analyze and secure records across repositories to preserve critical or sensitive content.

  • In-place records management

    Provides OpenText Core records policy oversight and administration with native, in-place records management.

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Governance and Protection

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