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Reduce the time, effort and costs of enterprise integration with a smarter approach to data transformation


See how OpenText Contivo helps integration teams become more efficient and agile

OpenText™ Contivo™  helps enterprise integration teams systematically and efficiently handle data mapping between a vast number and variety of applications, formats and standards to support business operations and digital transformation initiatives.

Why choose OpenText Contivo?

  • Centralized integration development

    Leverage a platform-independent data transformation tool that generates XSLT or Java code that is executable in virtually any integration environment.

  • Saves time and money

    Reduces the cost of integration development with automatically generated interfaces and mapping rules based on sample data inputs.

  • Efficient collaboration

    Allows users to develop data maps for multiple platforms and provides a shared repository that facilitates collaboration and sharing of maps and other artifacts.

How Contivo can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Contivo.

  • Increase agility

    Develop, deploy, document and maintain integrations across multiple data sources and platforms to remain agile in integration development.

  • Accelerate time to market

    Improve collaboration between data architects, business analysts and integration developers to make data integration projects faster and more efficient.

  • Reduce integration costs

    Easily migrate maps from one version to another, allowing reuse and lowering integration maintenance costs over time.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in

    Deploy maps in any integration runtime environment.


  • Any-to-any data mapping

    Supports data mapping between any mixture of data formats, including XML, JSON and flat-file data to build integrations between any application or system.

  • Intelligent automation

    Accelerates data integration and migration projects with Machine Learning features, such as map intuition, interface intuition and rule intuition.

  • Intuitive user interface

    Offers an intuitive interface that empowers users of various skill levels to build specifications and complete maps.

  • Map portability

    Generates optimized runtime code in Java and XSLT for multiple platforms, making maps created in Contivo portable and deployable into multiple vendor environments.

  • Documentation export

    Allows exporting and storing of artifacts in a central repository to keep integration operations organized and well-documented.

  • Collaboration support

    Facilitates efficient collaboration and reuse of assets through supporting sharing and locating information.

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