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OpenText Apps for Microsoft

Bridge gaps between central content collaboration and creation platforms and the applications that power ERP, CRM and other critical processes


Learn how to get control of ever-growing volumes of enterprise information

OpenText™ Apps for Microsoft connect business process applications, such as SharePoint®, Outlook®, Office 365® and Teams, with OpenText content solutions. Using Apps for Microsoft, organizations can accelerate productivity, improve governance and offer control over ever-expanding volumes of enterprise information.

How OpenText Apps for Microsoft can benefit business

  • Connect content with processes

    Streamline workloads, improve productivity and ensure compliance by connecting content and collaboration with the processes in lead business applications.

  • Get insight into information

    Maintain a holistic and connected view of processes and content to keep information compliant, controlled and secure throughout their lifecycle.

  • Simplify and collaborate

    Seamless integration into lead applications, such as SAP and Salesforce, and work directly within content and collaboration tools enriched with lead application data.

  • Maximize business value and return on investment

    Get the most out of Microsoft investments and maximize the value of information, no matter where it lives.

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