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OpenText™ Core Document Management capabilities enable organizations to store, manage and secure the content that powers business processes. Document management delivers the essential features for managing business-critical content, including comprehensive security and permissions, multilingual metadata categorization, version control and a full audit trail.

How OpenText Core Document Management can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Core Document Management.

  • Reduce corporate risk

    Implement and track good corporate governance practices and reduce the risk of non-compliance with comprehensive security and permissions.

  • Increase ROI

    Accelerate productivity and leverage low SaaS solution deployment and ownership costs for greater ROI.

  • Improve corporate agility

    Give users secure anywhere, anytime access to the right document, including from mobile devices, for seamless business processes.

  • Ensure a single source of truth

    Provide a secure, central repository that delivers essential capabilities for managing business-critical content across the enterprise.


  • Content organization

    Allows users to manage any type of document in any file format, organize content into folder hierarchies or create a Business Workspace to aggregate content, data, people and tasks related to a common business project or case.

  • Custom metadata

    Applies multilingual metadata attributes that can be grouped into categories and associated with any document to enhance retrieval precision and generate document reports based on custom criteria.

  • Automated review and approval

    Automates document management processes, such as document review and approval, to ensure they are carried out accurately and consistently.

  • Application integration

    Allows users to open and save documents directly from the repository using popular desktop authoring tools, such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

  • Access control lists (ACLs)

    Enables admin users to set permissions at the document, folder or workspace level to control document access for end users and keep content secure.

  • Audit trail functionality

    Automatically records the date, time and performer of every action type on a document, such as document creation, rename, reserve/unreserved, add/delete versions, view, copy, move, lock/unlock and download.

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