Deliver an e-signature experience optimized for business

OpenText™ Core Digital Signatures capabilities offer enterprise-grade secure digital signatures to sign quotes, contracts and other documents in a fast, compliant and hassle-free way.

How OpenText Digital Signatures can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Digital Signatures.

  • Improve productivity

    Automate document approval processes to save time and effort while ensuring visibility and control of information as it is shared with a powerful e-signature solution.

  • Comply with security mandates

    Provide administrators with a complete, easy-to-monitor audit trail, meeting compliance regulations and corporate policies for information management and security.

  • Reduce application costs

    Eliminate the need for a standalone digital signature application.

  • Enable remote work and business continuity

    Securely send documents for digital document signing via the cloud from any device at any time to keep critical approvals flowing.


  • Definable signing order

    Allows multiple recipients to sign in a specific order or all users to sign at one time depending on the business requirements.

  • Multiple approval types

    Allows users to choose whether recipients need to add an electronic signature, press an “approve” button or simply have visibility into the exchange.

  • Auditability features

    Reports who viewed, opened and signed the document, allowing users to take appropriate action, such as contacting a customer or sending a reminder.

  • Security and validation

    Encrypts information, maintains a complete audit trail and validates every digital document signing action with hardware-stored digital certificates for compliance.

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