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Get instant access to needed information and insights with Decisiv

OpenText™ Decisiv™ is enterprise search and insights software that helps teams quickly find, share and draw insights from billions of documents stored in silos of structured and unstructured content. In just seconds, Decisiv locates relevant information across employees, contacts, contracts, emails, documents and other data, along with clients, projects and legal matters, to reveal actionable information.

Why choose OpenText Decisiv?

  • Unified search interface

    Instantly find relevant information from disparate sources, such as DMS, finance, matter management, employee profiles and litigation dockets, using one unified search interface.

  • Rapid content and subject matter expert identification

    Support clients and secure new ones by quickly identifying content and subject matter experts using all relevant information, such as cases, employee experience and expertise.

  • Data classification

    Identify and classify legacy and new data from external resources with AI-assisted filing to maintain information accuracy across systems and ensure accurate and timely data.

How Decisiv can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Decisiv.

  • Improve knowledge management efficiency

    Quickly surface key documents, view projects and identify internal subject matter experts across data sources, eliminating time-consuming searches.

  • Deliver better client service

    Leverage institutional knowledge and prior work product to quickly deliver the most accurate information for clients, matters, new client pitches or other needs.

  • Automate knowledge sharing

    Bookmark previously found information and set saved search notifications to easily save and share complex search setups and eliminate repetition.

  • Scale to billions of records

    Instantly and easily search across billions of records while respecting the native security of the source system.

  • Work anytime, anywhere

    Easily and securely access necessary documents via corporate VPN and over HTTPS from existing browsers, including on mobile devices and tablets.


  • Secure integration and single sign-on

    Provides a secure, single sign-on to enterprise information systems, including Microsoft® SharePoint and OpenText™ eDOCS.

  • Predictive search

    Finds specific information faster, even without matching on exact keywords, leveraging integrated OpenText™ MindServer™ AI-powered search with concept analysis and supervised machine learning to automatically retrieve similar content.

  • Classification

    Scans incoming documents with a rules-based categorizer for automated classification and the application of metadata tags.

  • Data visualization

    Organizes results visually according to content and metadata with simplified charts to sort complicated search results.

  • Concept group search

    Utilizes machine learning to cluster relevant information.

  • OpenText Magellan text mining integration

    Automatically filters volumes of documents stored in data lakes and surfaces knowledge insights faster and more accurately than via human review.

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  1. [1]Wakefield Research, Welcome to a new state of find, 2021.

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