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Streamline your supply chain with NetSuite EDI integration

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Streamline your NetSuite ERP with automated data exchange via EDI integration

Automate data exchange and improve trading partner collaboration by integrating EDI seamlessly into your NetSuite ERP implementation. Our certified Built for NetSuite EDI integration adapters ensure a centralized, real-time view of all EDI data within your NetSuite ERP and can be customized to fit your needs for optimal order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay efficiency.

Learn how OpenText™ Business Network Cloud for NetSuite controls the cost and complexity of your growing B2B network, and maximize your investment in Oracle NetSuite.

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Why choose OpenText Business Network Cloud for NetSuite?

  • Flexible ‘Built for NetSuite’ EDI integration

    Choose a certified pre-built NetSuite ERP connection tailored to your needs, giving you a highly customizable and rapidly deployable EDI integration solution.

  • Decades of ERP integration experience

    Leverage OpenText’s 30+ years of experience managing ERP integration services of all sizes and complexities, including acting on thousands of requested changes each month.

  • Faster NetSuite EDI integration set-up

    Enjoy no delays, no surprises with the technology to analyze all transactions exchanged, and the expertise to develop an accurately planned and staffed NetSuite EDI integration project.

How Business Network Cloud for NetSuite benefits your business

Discover the advantages of using Business Network Cloud for NetSuite.

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    Manage transactions in a single interface

    Improve visibility and user experience with a consolidated view. Manage all EDI transactions within OpenText™ Trading Grid™ or directly within the NetSuite ERP application.

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    Speed the flow of transactional data

    Automatically aggregate, format, and share EDI supply chain data within NetSuite for real-time, seamless transaction flows.

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    Simplify NetSuite integration projects

    Use our pre-built NetSuite adapter for quick and painless ERP integration. Our integration experts are available to help, whether you need advice or a custom fix.

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    Reduce time and costs

    Improve cash flow and eliminate costly delays with more accurate real-time transactions.

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    Quickly convert orders to cash (O2C)

    Instantly receive purchase orders, automatically check inventory, and quickly fulfill orders from within NetSuite to satisfy customers and speed time-to-revenue.

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    Streamline purchase-to-pay (P2P)

    Easily monitor and validate the data when an order confirmation, ship notification, or invoice is received, before posting for payment.


  • Consolidated view of transactional data

    Enables users to view and manage all transactional data from every trading partner directly within the NetSuite application or OpenText Trading Grid.

  • Real-time access to trading partner transactions

    Accelerates processing, and time to revenue with real-time access to every transaction.

  • Automated document validation

    Helps find and eliminate errors before they enter the ERP system. Validates documents as they arrive and automatically sends them back if mandatory fields are incomplete or wrong.

  • Simple set-up and implementation

    Makes it easy to configure a connection to the NetSuite system and be ready to exchange transactions with any of the trading partners you do business with.

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