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of midmarket companies outsourcing their integrations increased the value of their B2B program[1]

An EDI solution to automate B2B processes

Get the right mix of outsourced EDI integration, and self-service tools to fit your organization

Businesses must improve efficiency while operating with limited resources in an increasingly volatile environment.

Relieve the pressure by automating B2B processes. Collaborate effortlessly with your customers and trading partners across the globe. Get more done without switching between systems by seamlessly flowing data into your Oracle NetSuite®, Microsoft™ Dynamics 365®, SAP® S/4HANA, IBM i or any ERP system.

Whether you are a growing mid-market company or an established larger enterprise, leverage B2B software, with the right mix of outsourced EDI integration and self-service tools, that won’t strain internal resources or budgets.

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Benefits of flexible EDI B2B solutions

Meet EDI integration deadlines, within resource constraints and without risk. Choose an EDI solution that is ready to scale when you are. See the competitive advantages of automated EDI.

  • Automate processes

    Significantly reduce resource-intensive B2B work with an EDI solution that optimally integrates internal systems with external partners to deliver more efficient EDI transaction flows and automation capabilities.

  • Reduce costs

    Quickly realize your ROI with EDI software that significantly reduces the cost of transaction handling, corrections, chargebacks, and other penalty fees caused by avoidable manual data entry errors.

  • Increase EDI solution flexibility

    Equip your EDI B2B software with the flexibility to quickly add new trading partners, reach new markets, and change direction in the face of disruption or new business opportunities.

  • Optimize B2B software capabilities

    Use composable supply chain optimization add-ons to scale capabilities and quickly respond to changing customer needs, optimize inventory levels, speed time to market, and improve overall performance.

  • Ease ERP EDI integration management

    Connect trading partner transaction flows to your ERP or other internal business system with pre-built ERP integration adapters. Complete day-to-day EDI/B2B work without leaving NetSuite, Dynamics 365, or your ERP system of choice.

  • Gain end-to-end visibility and improved decision making

    Access real time end-to-end visibility and uncover insights for data-driven decisions. Improve supply chain deliverables, such as on-time delivery and reduced DSO.

The impact of scalable EDI solutions

  • Cost of doing business

    Most EDI solutions have a one-size-fits-all approach that eliminates some manual work but fails to deliver the full capabilities that growing businesses need. Get an EDI integration solution that delivers enterprise-grade speed and reliability at mid-market budgets.

  • Partner onboarding

    Businesses need the flexibility to meet varied requirements and communication standards while growing their global network and speeding time to revenue. Support every regional and global standard to quickly expand to new partners anywhere in the world.

  • Supply chain collaboration and customer relations

    Relying on email, spreadsheets, and paper documents causes fragmentation and errors and inhibits crucial customer relationships. Enhance collaboration, accelerate turnaround, and eliminate errors to become a preferred partner with your customers.

  • Business growth and resilience

    EDI integration environments enable growth and improve agility amidst market fluctuations. Rely on a trusted EDI vendor with expertise, self-service tools, and enterprise-level technology to remove transformation roadblocks and resource bottlenecks.

  • Internal business system integration

    Reducing manual effort and enabling data visibility requires system integration. ERP integration with a customizable, pre-build adapter achieves seamless data flows and allows a real-time view of all transactions directly within your ERP system.

  • Resource optimization

    Despite increasing investment in EDI integration, businesses struggle with finite IT resources and network complexity that delay integration projects. Leverage an EDI integration platform with intuitive self-service tools, and professional support.

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Frequently asked questions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. By moving from a paper-based or email-based exchange of business documents to a standard EDI format, businesses can send and receive purchase orders (POs), advanced ship notices (ASNs), invoices and more straight to the appropriate internal application (e.g. ERP), without requiring human interaction. Learn more.

Because EDI documents are processed by computers rather than humans, a standard format must be used so the receiving computer can read and understand the documents. Today, there are many EDI standards, protocols and versions in use. OpenText delivers the broadest EDI integration support of any EDI vendor including specific regional and industry standards, as well as API integration and email/fax to EDI solutions.

Early B2B integration solutions focused on replacing manual processes with automated digital alternatives, mostly using EDI. Once organizations started trading electronically, it became clear that business processes could be further enhanced by introducing additional features to the same B2B integration solution. While EDI remains a bedrock of B2B integration technologies, there are an additional range of features that should be included: global partner management, business process management, enterprise application integration, business activity monitoring, advanced analytics and more. Discover 5 ways B2B integration tools can deliver a competitive advantage.

As a leader in EDI and B2B integration, OpenText understands that our customers’ success is our success. Our vast team of experienced B2B and EDI professionals ensure each of our 35,000+ customers are supported, whether they need a quick error resolution or a strategic roadmap to implement complex integrations. Learn more about how experts can help.

Electronic commerce (e-Commerce) is a general term that refers to the exchange of information via electronic media such as the internet and private communication networks. Electronic data exchange (EDI) is the most commonly used B2B e-commerce technology today and refers to the digital exchange of business documents, such as purchase order and invoices, in a standard electronic format between business partners. Read the blog and learn more.

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