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See how marketers use customer insights to boost customer engagement.

OpenText™ Core Journey is an omnichannel customer journey management solution that extends across multiple experiences, including communications, messaging, web, and contact center. Core Journey breaks down silos and aggregates customer data from multiple touchpoints to produce comprehensive analysis and insights—allowing users to orchestrate customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention and loyalty.

Why choose OpenText Core Journey?

  • Personalized customer journeys

    Use data to create journeys that meet customers’ individual needs.

  • Cloud platform integration

    Seamlessly connect to Experience Cloud platform applications and components for both data collection and automation of next steps.

  • Data from anywhere

    Aggregate customer events and related data from virtually any source into one location.

  • Versatile journey orchestration

    Tap into different sources, design multi-step actions and conditions, and manage journeys across channels using gained insights.

  • Powerful, user-friendly interface

    Empower business users to easily drag and drop actions with a graphical user interface, while allowing technical users to integrate sources and orchestrate multi-step experiences.

  • Custom dashboards

    Design and deploy dashboards tailored to the specific needs of any organization, function, or team, including operational metrics that are not journey-specific.

How Core Journey can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Core Journey.

  • Automate journeys orchestration

    Analyze overall customer behavior patterns to orchestrate next actions that offer greater relevance and reward.

  • Advanced analytics

    Centralize and analyze data from marketing content, applications, channels, and devices in a single view for key analysis and insights into customer interactions.

  • Visualize customer journeys

    Gauge campaign performance with a comprehensive view of events and touchpoints, and quickly adjust tactics to meet marketing goals.

  • Manage complete journeys

    Create and deploy comprehensive customer journeys with pre-populated pull-down menus that manage the entire customer journey from engagement to retention.

  • Optimize system performance

    Leverage cloud-based, SaaS technology to stay up to date and maximize ROI.

Customer journey management features

  • Data collection and storage

    Captures and tracks event data across channels and touchpoints from any application or data source, integrating the data streams with an adaptive data schema.

  • Data sets specification

    Maps customer interactions across customer-event data sets, business rules, and associated journey dashboards using a wizard-like process.

  • Customer journey monitoring

    Monitors interaction performance through intuitive dashboards, and allows users to quickly adjust and optimize the journey.

  • Customer journey orchestration

    Integrates with OpenText Exstream™, OpenText™ Web (formerly TeamSite), and OpenText™ Qfiniti to capture events and apply rules to orchestrate and automate the next action based on customer behavior.

  • Customer segmentation

    Classifies and segments customers based on behaviors, such as “abandoned form” or “visited landing page,” to target with new interactions based on previous actions.

  • Custom dashboard and analysis

    Displays queries and data sets in a chart or graph with a simple click, allowing users to easily, create custom reports and dashboards with in-depth drilldown analysis.

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