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Learn how to secure third-party identity and access at scale

OpenText™ Identity and Access Management is a cloud-based identity and access management system that enables secure, efficient engagement and collaboration across large third-party ecosystems. The IAM solution is comprised of cloud-native technologies, built-in security frameworks and digital processes to scale third-party access in a non-linear fashion.

Why choose OpenText Identity and Access Management?

  • Efficiently scale digital ecosystems

    Secure and govern identity and access management across thousands of external organizations and millions of users with minimal internal resources.

  • Trusted partner

    Leverage a cloud-based solution that has been securing complex operating models for the world's largest value chains for more than 20 years.

  • Manage all digital identities

    Employ a single enterprise IAM solution and security model for all third-party users, systems and devices requiring access to enterprise data.

How Identity and Access Management can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Identity and Access Management.

  • Drive down administration costs

    Transfer day-to-day user management and certification to local partner administrators to improve responsiveness and reduce identity management system costs.

  • Standardize IAM system processes across all digital ecosystems

    Increase operational maturity and risk posture with a common, digital approach to onboard, manage and offboard third-party organizations and users.

  • Provide a single point of entry to enterprise resources

    Maintain a single connection to the IAM platform to reduce exposed endpoints and the attack surface.

  • Accelerate time-to-value

    Deploy faster than traditional identity management software using a modern identity model and low/no-code configuration.


  • Adaptive, low friction authentication

    Uses risk-based authentication (RBA), adaptive, multi-factor (MFA), FIDO U2F, token verification and more to adapt authentication security based on real-time risk evaluations.

  • Identity-driven user experiences

    Dynamically controls what each user can view, select and request based on their authorizations, profile, preferences, relationships, external API calls and other data.

  • IAM Platform as a Service

    Offers an API-first, auto-scaling micro-services architecture to rapidly develop applications and custom IAM solutions within a DevSecOps environment.

  • Integration and interoperability

    Delivers unified, seamless experiences and ensures identity data is correct across on-premises and cloud systems using messaging and orchestration, event streaming and more.

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