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OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance

Simplify e-Invoicing compliance to meet regulations in more than 45 countries


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OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance is a cloud-based, e-Invoicing solution that automates electronic invoicing and ensures compliance in more than 45 countries. Active Invoices with Compliance eliminates the complexity of varying country regulations in global business and shields users from the risk of increasing regulations impacting Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash business processes.

Why choose OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance?

  • Scalable e-Invoicing

    Leverage the only digital invoicing solution that meets any organization’s requirements, whether an SME or a global enterprise.

  • Simplify trading community exchanges

    Enable fully compliant e-Invoicing from vendor portals to B2B integration, from government clearance portals to PEPPOL, from PDFs via email to OCR.

How Active Invoices with Compliance can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Active Invoices with Compliance.

  • Maintain ongoing compliance

    Comply with ever-changing post-audit requirements and increasing mandatory clearance country regulations in more than 45 countries.

  • Lower costs

    Automate invoice processes to reduce errors, improve efficiency and lower invoice processing costs.

  • Integrate invoice flows

    Bridge the siloes that exist within internal business applications, such as ERP, SRM, CRM, finance and treasury.

  • Improve cashflow management

    Accelerate invoice processing to avoid late payment penalties, realize early payment discounts, reduce DSO and improve customer and supplier relationships.

  • Support corporate social responsibility (CSR)

    Remove paper from the invoice process to reduce carbon footprints.


  • Global e-Invoicing compliance

    Meets current and stays ahead of government tax and electronic invoicing regulations in more than 45 countries.

  • 100% invoice automation

    Includes PDF invoice auto-provisioning to SME customers and support for onboarding EDI-based partners.

  • e-Invoice delivery

    Supports PDF or structured formats, through various means as legally permitted in more than 45 countries, including email, secure portal, secure EDI protocols, PEPPOL network and government clearance portals.

  • Invoice integrity and authenticity

    Supports country-specific digital signature, EDI and government clearance requirements to ensure that e-Invoices come from the claimed source and have not been altered.

  • Validation of mandatory invoice data

    Country-specific validation of invoice data ensures required fields are present per government regulatory requirements.

  • Archive and audit

    Archives and provides audit access throughout mandatory retention periods. Supports advanced search and scheduled reports, allows uploads of invoice evidence and download/export of invoices for audit.

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