Information Governance

Discover, classify, manage and secure content throughout its lifecycle

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Smarter information governance

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The way workforces collaborate, share and manage information has forever shifted. Hybrid work has exacerbated content sprawl, while uncontrolled collaboration platforms, evolving global regulations, complex privacy requirements and growing threats create security and regulatory compliance risks.

Information governance solutions offer intelligent, policy-driven automation and integration that helps organizations mitigate risks and protect information to stay compliant, secure and productive while powering modern work.

Key benefits of compliant information governance

Optimize information governance and containment costs while boosting user productivity.

  • Control content sprawl

    Organize content across various collaboration and communication platforms to support safe and compliant hybrid work.

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    Tackle content risk

    Monitor data sources for potentially inappropriate, adverse content or sensitive data that needs attention and take action for proactive risk mitigation.

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    Intelligently classify large content volumes

    Deploy intelligent automation and standardized policy rules to classify content, identify privacy risks and out of place items and route them to secure content services.

  • Enforce information security

    Secure information according to a range of regulatory and business factors while enforcing active policy and process-driven information protection.

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    Prepare for a move to the cloud

    Classify legacy content and optimize cloud migration approaches to maintain user productivity while respecting regulatory compliance.

How smarter information governance impacts business

  • Flexible and federated compliance

    Rapidly changing regulations mean businesses must constantly adapt to stay compliant. Disconnected systems lead to uncontrolled silos that hinder collaboration and productivity. Consolidate key systems to streamline information governance.

  • Legacy content remediation

    Large volumes of legacy content, such as historical file shares, can contain risky and obsolete files. Manual review to determine what to preserve and secure is difficult and time-consuming. Automate records retention to mitigate risk.

  • Policy-driven content security

    Organizations need to make content accessible to staff. Yet, content is a valuable resource and making it more accessible to staff can lead to improper information sharing. Implement policy-driven, role-based access to reduce exposure.

  • Defensible holds and discovery

    Legal actions demand rapid responses to legal holds and discovery. Without the ability to audit access and disposition of content, defensibility is compromised. Leverage technology-assisted content review.

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