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See how OpenText Active Orders optimizes every stage of the supply chain process

OpenText™ Active Orders is a cloud-based order management solution that provides buying organizations comprehensive technology and enterprise services for end-to-end process automation. With Active Orders, businesses can achieve enhanced supply chain order management and 360-degree visibility for transactions with all suppliers and buyers, including those that are not digitally enabled.

Choose a leading order management solution

  • End-to-end digital transaction management

    Manage business transaction flows from orders to logistics to invoices, track related transactions and improve visibility, alerts and analytics with a single order management system.

  • Intuitive order processing software

    Empower both internal and external users with a simple, intuitive web portal that extends digital transactions to the entire partner community.

Benefits of the order management solution

Discover how Active Orders helps to optimize supply chain visibility and increase resilience.

  • Trade electronically with non-digital suppliers

    Give non-EDI-enabled suppliers access to view and retrieve orders and respond electronically through an easy-to-use web portal.

  • Increase visibility

    Access transaction and logistics status in one order management system for both buyers and suppliers, enabling collaboration and fast resolution of issues.

  • Drive continuous improvement

    Leverage dashboards that provide a visual summary of KPIs to improve delivery and invoice processes while alleviating risks created by poor supplier performance.

  • Manage orders anywhere

    Use the order management solution mobile app to get alerts on new orders and status changes, view dashboards and transactions, and take action from anywhere.


  • Order lifecycle visibility

    Shows the progression of purchase orders through each step, providing full visibility into the entire supply chain order management lifecycle.

  • Shipping and receiving/logistics automation

    Significantly improves supply chain efficiency by automating warehouse receiving and digitizing documentation flows, evolving away from traditional order processing software.

  • Digitized invoicing and payments

    Allows non-digital suppliers to generate accurate invoices and view the payment status of previously issued invoices.

  • Analytics and KPIs

    Provides a single order management solution to monitor supplier performance, measuring advanced analytics against KPIs such as order acceptance, invoice accuracy and delivery punctuality.

Frequently asked questions

An order management solution is a piece of software that enables the creation, tracking and analysis of orders.

An order management system helps optimize the supply chain by automating processes, analyzing transactions and enabling digital peer-to-peer collaboration.

Order processing software improves supply chain visibility by offering a single source of information that both buyers and suppliers can access. This allows all parties to track the status of an order, communicate electronically and collate relevant transaction information from anywhere.

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