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Automate, integrate, and orchestrate any IT process at scale

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OpenText™ Patch and Process Automation products enable organizations to automate and orchestrate infrastructure automation and IT processes with outstanding speed, efficiency, and security. IT teams can simplify and accelerate everything from provisioning infrastructure to rolling out patches and streamlining compliance. Gain a better way to move your automation forward across teams, tools, and technologies.

How Patch and Process Automation can benefit business

Automate IT tasks, simplify patching and compliance, and orchestrate IT operations with patch and process automation products.

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    Reduce error-prone, time-consuming IT tasks

    Leverage low-code/no-code workflow authoring to automate tasks and accelerate time to value with ease, speed, and control.

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    Simplify patching and compliance

    Remediate vulnerabilities and achieve compliance control with policy- and SLO-based automated patching and compliance.

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    Orchestrate IT operations

    Standardize and connect IT processes across the enterprise with an API-rich, vendor-agnostic platform and powerful, scalable, centrally managed workflows.

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    Boost IT infrastructure flexibility and scalability

    Provision and configure physical and virtual servers across multivendor environments.

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