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OpenText EnCase Information Assurance

Conduct defensible data collection and ensure effective information governance

Enable effective information governance

Manage responsive data collection for eDiscovery, investigations and regulatory requests

Businesses need comprehensive data collection capabilities to meet legal and compliance requirements. However, because data is spread across multiple sources, organizations struggle to quickly identify and collect relevant and defensible information. OpenText™ EnCase Information Assurance is a complete and scalable solution that identifies, collects and preserves electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation, compliance and regulatory requests.

Why choose OpenText EnCase Information Assurance?

  • Data collection at scale

    Leverage the gold standard in forensically sound collections across multiple operating systems, on and off cloud, on and off VPN and multiple locations globally.

  • Full enterprise visibility

    Discreetly search, collect and preserve ESI in a court-admissible format with visibility across endpoints, servers and the cloud.

  • RESTful APIs and audit trails

    Easily collect, process and deliver ESI with advanced automation from potentially thousands of custodians and display a detailed history of collection and processing activities.

How EnCase Information Assurance can benefit organizations

Discover the advantages of using EnCase Information Assurance.

  • Maximize productivity

    Automate workflows and create templates with an easy-to-use interface that allows teams to do more with fewer resources.

  • Reduce litigation costs and risk

    Eliminate most non-responsive data and leverage targeted collections and remediation of Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial data to reduce document review costs.

  • Meet critical court deadlines

    Identify sensitive and regulated data collection across networks to make quick, informed decisions and efficiently respond to internal investigations, eDiscovery and regulatory requests.

  • Automate workflows

    Streamline data collection, processing and preservation workflows with RESTful APIs that automate responses and integrate with complementary technologies.


  • RESTful APIs

    Leverages collection APIs to easily collect, process and deliver ESI from potentially thousands of custodians. Automates functions, such as creating a case, getting a list of custodians and creating a collection job.

  • Cloud data collection

    Captures data collected from cloud sources and collaboration tools, including Microsoft® Teams and Slack, and preserves it on- and off-network in a legally admissible format.

  • Integrated legal hold

    Notifies custodians that may be party to a litigation matter and defensibly executes legal holds to greatly reduce spoliation and sanction risks.

  • Scalable evidence browsing

    Quickly displays large evidence sets of data collected from various ESI sources in an easy-to-use, web-based platform.

  • Audit trails

    Displays a detailed history of collection and processing activities, allowing users to identify gaps by seeing what has occurred and when.

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