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Protect high-value data while keeping it usable for hybrid IT

is the global average cost of a data breach in 2023, a 15% increase over three years [1]


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Protect high-value data at rest, in motion, and in use with OpenText™ Voltage™ SecureData, which can scale to meet any data protection requirement on and off the cloud. This unique, data-centric approach de-identifies data, making it useless for attackers while maintaining its usability, usefulness, and referential integrity for data processes, applications, and services—whether it’s in production, analytic systems, or test or development systems.

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Why choose Voltage SecureData?

  • Continuous data protection

    Safeguard data over its entire lifecycle with cyber-resilient enterprise data protection.

  • Data-centric, proven at global scale

    Apply access policies to data as it travels, without changing its format or integrity.

  • Cloud-native data protection

    Safely deploy applications, data, and analytics on the cloud with data-centric security.

How Voltage SecureData can benefit business

Manage risk, achieve regulatory compliance, and benefit from digital transformation without increasing the chance of a data breach.

  • Unleash secure, high-scale cloud analytics

    Accelerate cloud migration and unlock the potential of secure data analytics at scale with data privacy by design.

  • Apply data-centric protection to hybrid IT

    Deliver continuous data protection that moves with the data and maintains referential integrity, ideal for hybrid IT environments.

  • Comply with payment standards and regulations

    Protect credit card data in retail point-of-sale, web, and mobile ecommerce environments to reduce audit costs.

  • Intercept and secure data

    Simplify and accelerate the adoption of strong data-centric protection in SaaS, COTS, and off-cloud applications.

  • Share and shift data safely

    Secure data on ingestion with Voltage enterprise data protection and analyze data in the cloud in its protected form.

  • Accelerate cloud data security

    Deploy continuous data protection for a “cloud first” or “cloud only” approach for data at rest, in transit, or in use.


  • Innovative, privacy-preserving technologies

    Persistently protects high-value data wherever it is and supports the requirements of privacy, PCI, HIPAA, financial, and other global and industry regulations, all while retaining data usability.

  • Leading format-preserving protection

    Uses enterprise data protection techniques like encryption, tokenization, hashing, and masking to address privacy compliance, payments’ standards and regulations, and data security.

  • Flexible integration options 

    Integrates with many different platforms and technologies through APIs, user-defined functions in databases, file processing, or dataflow interception.

  • Stateless key management 

    Achieves the highest availability and scalability with stateless software and HSM-based key derivation and management, such as seamless key rotation and bring-your-own-key (BYOK).

  • Enterprise platform support 

    Supports a wide variety of enterprise platforms, from legacy systems to the most modern–off and on the cloud.

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  1. [1]Ponemon Institute, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023, 2023.

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