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Boost lifetime value and retention with a holistic approach to customer engagement


See how to build and deliver personalized experiences on any digital channel.

Customer acquisition costs are rising, while customer expectations are not being met. Today’s experiences are often plagued with a lack of preferred communication channels, self-service, and little to no personalization.

Siloed systems and broken journeys also make it difficult to truly engage with your customers. Without engagement, high acquisition costs result in churn and a lack of growth.

OpenText™ Customer Engagement solutions bring together the critical experiences from purchase to onboarding, adoption, usage, and retention to drive customer lifetime value.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Expand omnichannel reach

    Turn on multiple communications channels—from print to digital-first options—in a modular platform for email, mobile, messaging, web, and more.

  • Improve personalization

    Create trust and confidence with personalized experiences that connect with your customer and drive opportunities for cross and upsells.

  • Deliver greater self-service

    Provide easy access to personalized information and self-service tools that empower users to resolve their own issues.

  • Put data and AI to work

    Gain insights and use unified data with AI to orchestrate and manage customer journeys with greater personalization.

  • Build trust with authenticated experiences

    Automate security, privacy, and compliance rules with authenticated portal experiences for customers to self-service.

Business impacts

  • Improve acquisition to lifetime value

    Organizational silos and separate sources of content, data, and experiences hurt customer lifetime value. Maximize your marketing acquisition costs with a holistic approach to customer onboarding, adoption, usage, and higher satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Enhance customer experience

    Disconnected information silos and slow, error-prone manual processes make it impossible to provide a clean, simple customer engagement. Use a modular platform to automate, personalize, and provide self-service to enhance customer experience.

  • Streamline processes, fix broken journeys

    Fragmented processes hurt customer experience. Take a holistic approach to omnichannel communications, including self-service and voice, to create, orchestrate, and manage journeys on a common platform for data, content, and business tools.

  • Optimize customer choice

    It's not just about offering more but optimizing for individual preferences. Embrace new mobile channels alongside traditional and print options to meet customer demands with tailored experiences.

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