Portals and Authenticated Experiences

Achieve better engagement across customers, partners and employees


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Customers, partners and employees are looking for relevant and engaging digital experiences. They want to securely serve themselves, consume information and interact with applications and resources from anywhere and any device. Organizations strive to meet those demands but are hampered by disparate systems and overly complex tools, many of which require IT involvement.

Portals and Authenticated Experiences solutions provide easy-to-use tools for business users to create and manage user experiences across a variety of channels and devices.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Improve self-service efficiency

    Provide easy access to personalized information and self-service tools that empower users to resolve their own issues.

  • Enhance consistency and multichannel access

    Integrate content, data and applications across different digital formats and channels to deliver consistent and engaging experiences throughout the sales-to-loyalty lifecycle.

  • Accelerate personalized content creation

    Equip business users with easy-to-use tools that enable them to efficiently create targeted experiences, across audiences and applications.

  • Ensure secure access

    Ensure the right privileges and access to content, business communications and applications are granted to the right users.

  • Improve productivity

    Give employees everywhere simple, unified, secure access to all the information they need to do their jobs, driving greater productivity and consistent service delivery.

  • Increase agility and flexibility

    Use a single platform to meet a variety of portal needs across different business objectives and experiences for diverse global customers, partners and employees.

Business impacts

  • Customer journey engagement

    Customers expect seamless digital access to place orders, manage their accounts and resolve issues. If they have to use different systems or contact someone for help, they may take their business elsewhere. Provide unified, self-service experiences.

  • Partner enablement

    Business partners work in alignment to achieve common goals. Managing the partnership over email and the phone is inefficient and can leave partners feeling like an afterthought. Make partners feel empowered and valued with a dedicated portal.

  • Supplier efficiency collaboration

    Organizations collaborate with trading partners on business processes, such as product design, distribution and purchasing. Siloed systems and paper-based tasks cause miscommunications, errors and delays. Implement a supplier portal to ease collaboration.

  • Self-service government

    Citizens today expect government services to be intuitive, integrated and easily accessible. Without a unified digital option for billing, civil services and other key tasks, they get frustrated. Implement a secure, self-service citizen portal.

  • Employee engagement

    Retaining quality talent and staying efficient requires keeping employees engaged and productive. Disparate systems and outdated, clunky interfaces make it hard for them to get their jobs done. Make work easier with a modern employee portal.

  • Cross-functional user productivity

    Marketing, operations and business users have their own specific resource, data and content needs. Meeting those needs with disparate systems creates silos that hamper collaboration. Provide composable user experiences to bring everyone together.

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