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As demands for affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy grow, companies must boost operational safety and productivity while maintaining aging assets and equipment. Yet, siloed Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems make it hard for facilities and capital projects teams to access the engineering information they need to make data-driven decisions.

OpenText™ Asset Navigation for Energy unlocks valuable information within piping and instrumentation diagrams and other documents, improving visibility and reducing risk. Using OCR, it scans and places hotspots on drawings for easy navigation between them and other sources.

Key benefits of Asset Navigation for Energy

Consolidate CAD and engineering drawings into a single interface for fast and efficient navigation.

  • Streamline asset-centric operations

    Organize operational data around a specific engineering asset, piece of equipment, or tag ID to increase efficiency across operations, engineering, and maintenance teams.

  • Navigate asset information faster

    Connect disparate operational systems to give employees instant access to centralized asset information.

  • Drive data-driven performance

    Extract, activate, and utilize up-to-date tag information from within documentation to improve process safety, content governance, and data quality.

  • Improve collaboration

    Streamline process workflows to enable seamless collaboration and improved insight across maintenance and operations.

  • Increase engineering efficiency

    Automatically capture and display relevant tag ID information across documents and systems to optimize engineering and design processes.

Business impacts of asset navigation

  • Asset-related documentation

    Accurate data and documentation are critical for safely operating and maintaining assets. Time spent searching for this data would be better spent running key operations. Easily access asset-related information directly from individual ID tags.

  • Access to critical data

    Engineers and other field workers rely on engineering drawings and documents. This content is often trapped within multiple, disparate systems, diminishing information intelligence. Unlock and validate content across ECM, ERP, and maintenance systems.

  • Visible maintenance data

    Workers need complete maintenance and asset context to quickly identify and resolve issues. When this data is siloed, repairs are delayed and risk increases. Integrate asset-related content to give workers immediate access to critical information.

  • Accurate asset tag data

    Outdated asset information increases the risk of schedule and cost overruns. Automated tag references at the metadata level can help prevent delays and contain costs. Enable accurate and efficient workflows with consistent tag data across all systems.

  • Reduced downtime

    Engineering content is often spread across disparate silos. This impedes decision-making and can prolong delays. With automated tag references and integrated content access, responses are accelerated and unnecessary project delays can be avoided.

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