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Tableau Forensic TX1 Imager

Support digital investigations with powerful, standalone forensic imaging and triage


See how to acquire more data, faster and from more media types

OpenText™ Tableau Forensic TX1 Imagers enable law enforcement, government agencies and corporate investigators to acquire forensic imaging data faster and from more media types. Tableau Forensic TX1 Imager's standalone form factor ensures ease-of-use and portability to collect a forensic image of a suspect device quickly and reliably.

Why choose the Tableau Forensic TX1 Imager?

  • Free firmware updates

    Capitalize on new product features and enhancements with free, regular firmware updates for all Tableau Forensic products in an easy-to-use utility.

  • Modern user interface

    Minimize training and product-documentation needs with an intuitive touchscreen, easily navigated by even the most junior investigator.

  • Superior forensic integrity

    Secure evidence integrity with simultaneous hashing and detailed logs and prevent unintended changes to suspect media with intuitive defaults, preconditions and checks.

  • Court acceptance

    Leverage more than 15 years of court acceptance and current recognition as the global leader in forensic hardware data acquisitions.

How the Tableau Forensic TX1 Imager can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using a Tableau Forensic TX1 Imager.

  • Enhance forensic imaging capabilities

    Execute triage functions, simultaneous imaging and job queuing in the lab or in the field with multiple output format options.

  • Accelerate investigations

    Collaborate on suspect media or monitor operations through remote sessions established between any network-connected TX1 and computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Bypass encryption

    Automatically detect encryption on connected devices and pass through known credentials to unlock APFS, BitLocker and Opal encryptions.

  • Optimize valuable investigative resources

    Free up an investigator’s forensic workstation/computer bandwidth with a standalone triage and image verification solution.


  • Broad media support

    Forensically images a broad range of network shares, such as 10GbE, and physical media, such as SATA, USB, PCIe, SAS, FireWire and IDE.

  • Multiple destinations per source

    Delivers output to four SATA/SAS, one USB 3.0 and one or more network shares with support for up to four destinations per source, combining clone/image duplication and local/network destinations.

  • Simultaneous imaging and job queuing

    Supports two concurrent hash creation forensic jobs, including imaging, cloning, standalone hashing and verification. Queues additional jobs to begin upon active job completion, reordering based on prioritization changes.

  • 10Gb Ethernet Network Connection

    Provides superior network imaging performance. Supports an iSCSI target as a source or destination, a CIFS share as a destination and a NAS solution as a destination for imaging workflow improvements.

  • Local imaging and search

    Captures forensically sound, logical images by imaging the entire filesystem, manually selecting specific folders and files or targeting defined search profiles, while offering save and share capabilities across TX1 units.

  • Comprehensive Target Disk Mode capturing

    Acquires digital evidence from Mac computers using multiple methods, including over USB-C, FireWire or Thunderbolt and through physical drives configured as one Fusion Drive on iMac® and Mac Mini®.

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