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Gupta TD Mobile

OpenText™ Gupta TD Mobile simplifies, automates and accelerates the native development of cross-platform mobile workforce apps to greatly reduce costs.

Why choose OpenText Gupta TD Mobile?

  • Low-code app development

    Create value and reduce development effort for client-side coding and backend coding.

  • Native Android, iOS and web apps

    Increase return on development investments.

How Gupta TD Mobile can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Gupta TD Mobile.

  • Accelerate business app development

    Eliminate much of the coding typically required for GUIs, connect backend services and integrate databases with web and mobile applications.

  • Reduce platform code-bases

    Simplify development and dramatically reduce costs with a single version of each app that runs on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

  • Extend functionality through REST services

    Integrate SAP, SalesForce and other SaaS provider functionality with easy access to REST services, offering access to nearly any backend system to bridge data silos.

  • Work with data from any database

    Integrate apps with data from Access Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, SAP, SalesForce, MongoDB or any other database.


  • Integration for device features

    Offers easy access to mobile device features, such as barcode scanning, GPS positioning and accelerometer data, with a few lines of code.

  • Offline-capable applications

    Leverages multipage offline mode for apps, including local data storage, in areas without network reception.

  • Mobile reporting functionality

    Empowers staff to create stunning analysis reports for management, invoices for online sales activities and more.

  • Source control integrations

    Integrates with popular source control tools, such as SubVersion, Git and Microsoft® Team Foundation Server, as well as cloud-based or intranet-based code repositories, directly from within the IDE.

  • Secure mobile apps

    Secures all data transferred between the device and the data center with SSL encryption and incorporates powerful user and role authentication.

  • Web and app store publishing

    Enables organizations to deploy apps to native app stores or to the cloud using the web app build type.

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OpenText offers deployment choice and flexibility for Gupta TD Mobile.

  • Extend your team
    Off Cloud, on-premises software, managed by your organization or OpenText

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