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Create customers for life with OpenText Experience Cloud

The OpenText™ Experience Platform for Customer Experience Management (CXM) seamlessly integrates customer communication capabilities, including batch communications, interactive and on-demand, messaging, voice mail and secure document delivery, such as output management and digital fax, to deliver personalized, relevant and consistent communications across all channels and touchpoints.

Why choose OpenText Experience Platform CXM?

  • Leading enterprise-class CXM platform

    Seamlessly scale from single departmental use to enterprise-wide, across all brands and geographies, with a single, market-leading platform.

  • Simplified omnichannel

    Easily achieve true omnichannel communication by leveraging an unmatched breadth of capabilities through best-of-breed plug-and-play.

  • Google integration

    Leverage our partnership with Google for expanded cloud platform, big data, analytics and personalization capabilities.

How Experience Platform CXM can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Experience Platform CXM.

  • Accelerate digital transformation

    Improve customer experiences with the highest level of personalization available and optimize operations with a single integrated tool to save both time and money.

  • Fix broken omnichannel

    Eliminate silos by enabling marketing, communications and customer service to work together in a Center of Excellence approach to deliver true omnichannel experiences.

  • Personalize at scale

    Leverage AI and machine learning to create personalized experiences across channels, including next best action, next best offer and next best channel, at enterprise scale.

  • Optimize brand value

    Increase brand relevance and distinction by providing the right content, at the right time, through the right channel.

  • Improve operations

    Increase productivity with content governance and business user/marketing workflows and enhance ease of use with automation and scalability.

  • Deliver consistent experiences

    Provide fast, consistent, personalized and seamless experiences across the entire customer journey, from acquisition to retention.


  • Enterprise omnichannel CCM

    Reduces operational inefficiencies and costs by reducing the time to market when creating, editing and delivering customer communications across multiple touchpoints.

  • Integrated messaging across multiple channels

    Provides single-source data for all customers across all experiences, communications and 1:1 engagement touchpoints, such as email, SMS, voice and push notifications.

  • Archive and retrieval

    Offers the ability to archive transactional or marketing data for easier portability and storage with the ability to retrieve data on-demand.

  • Customer data platform

    Collects and unifies customer data from multiple sources, including Google, to build a single personalized communication.

  • Journey insights and analytics

    Analyzes customer actions and behaviors across all touchpoints in order to send relevant ultra-personalized communications, orchestrate customer journeys and trigger next action.

  • Integrated web portal for B2B, B2C and B2E

    Allows customers and employees to interact with the organization in realtime, in a safe environment and with full personalization.

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