Customer stories


Broadridge personalizes billions of communications per year


  • Experienced time-intensive programming, complete redesigns
  • Face challenges to meet and exceed consumer demand across many channels
  • Prioritize content adjustments to influence consumer opinion


  • Supported dynamic, inventive message design by business users

  • Created engaging experiences with personalized, multichannel content

  • Enabled constant refinement to provide relevant experiences valued by consumers


Global company generates value, enhances profitability for clients by leveraging OpenText™ Exstream™.

With the Exstream platform we can make changes in a very efficient way. We don’t have to completely redesign the communication.

Robert Krugman
Chief Digital Officer, Broadridge

About Broadridge

Broadridge provides advanced communications, technology, data and analytics solutions for a wide range of companies. Every year, Broadridge distributes more than six billion communications for thousands of businesses, touching close to 80 percent of all households in North America. That’s six billion opportunities for its clients to connect with consumers in ways that matter to them.

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