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See how OpenText™ Business Network enables the global digital economy with supply chain integration capabilities

Modern supply chains rely heavily on efficient collaboration and extensive information exchange with a diverse network of partners. Orchestrating optimized processes across the network requires highly versatile and flexible supply chain data integration, but many organizations are struggling with the underlying complexity.

OpenText™ offers a comprehensive and unified set of capabilities for end-to-end integrated supply chain solutions that help organizations achieve fully digital data exchange with partners and remove process inefficiencies, fragmented point solutions and disparate data siloes.

Key benefits

Avoid disruption, enable smarter insights and strengthen partnerships with supply chain data integration.

  • Improve collaboration

    Integrate supply chain processes with partners and provide full process clarity to avoid disputes, enhance responsiveness and improve business relationships.

  • Enhance operational efficiency

    Reduce manual work on orders, invoices and other business documents to prevent costly errors and improve productivity.

  • Increase process visibility

    Easily monitor business processes and quickly respond to any errors and exceptions with supply chain integration software that provides visibility into all transactions.

  • Accelerate time to market

    Automate the exchange and processing of business documents and other data to speed up supply chain operations.

Business impacts

  • Digitize data exchange with supply chain partners

    Organizations work with multiple suppliers. Keeping up with various preferences and requirements is a struggle. Offer supply chain data integration options that support a range of protocols and formats to digitize data exchange with all trading partners.

  • Reduce supply chain process errors

    Many companies rely on paper-based supply chain processes. These manual tasks reduce productivity and are prone to errors. Improve the quality of supply chain transactions with automated data validation and business rules.

  • Drive data-driven partner collaboration

    Sourcing and procurement teams need to share information with suppliers and monitor their performance. Disconnected systems complicate collaboration. Track information exchange in real time to spot issues and find ways to improve together.

  • Integrate disparate supply chain solutions

    Disparate and overlapping collaboration tools and processes slow productivity and discourage partners. Leverage modern supply chain integration capabilities to streamline collaboration, increase automation and optimize costs.

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Frequently asked questions

Supply chain integration is the process of connecting disparate systems and processes throughout the distribution network to allow for seamless data transmission, greater supply chain visibility and improved supplier collaboration.

Finding the resources to manage a supply chain data integration project can be difficult for smaller organizations, as is finding a flexible integrated supply chain solution that is able to scale with the changing business requirements and market conditions.

A vertically integrated supply chain is one where an organization controls the various stages of the supply chain in-house, rather than relying on external suppliers. This provides better control over the entire procurement process.

Supply chain integration software allows an organization to take greater control of all aspects of the supply chain from one central system that connects suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and buyers, offering an end-to-end view of the entire process.

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