Managing Digital Assets for SAP Customer Experience

Optimize omnichannel commerce with rich-media enabled experiences

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Using OpenText™ DAM for SAP® within the SAP Commerce Cloud suite

Customers are more likely to shop through channels with the most compelling content. Rich media, including video, audio and animations, are vital to creating the engaging customer experience that makes the business stand out. As organizations grow, however, they may struggle to keep up with the omnichannel content demands of customers and time-to-market pressures, often resulting in ineffective use of available content.

OpenText™ solutions help organizations create and utilize rich media to deliver consistent and compelling brand experiences.

Key benefits

Grow online revenue by embracing media for incredible customer experience.

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    Increase customer satisfaction and retention

    Provide consistent multi-channel experiences and identify and invest in customer-valued content.

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    Decrease costs

    Streamline repetitive omnichannel support processes, such as media formating and optimization for each channel, and automatically link content to product data.

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    Grow revenue

    Launch new products faster and communicate to customers in a consistent, differentiated way.

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    Improve compliance

    Prevent noncompliant licensed content and unapproved content use to protect intellectual property.

Business impacts

  • Manage the media lifecycle

    Producing rich media is costly and can involve usage terms or licensing rights that result in significant fines if ignored. Ensure assets are approved by all stakeholders and used, formatted and tracked for optimum customer experience and compliance.

  • Find and publish the best assets

    Manually searching through all the available asset options to publish the correct assets can lead to errors, bad experiences and returned goods. Easily locate the most relevant, attractive and correct images to present products in the best light.

  • Cross-functional consistency

    Maintaining consistency in siloed asset repositories across departments can get messy. With different naming conventions, tags and other metadata, the right files can remain hidden. Use a single platform to create a single source of asset truth.

  • Updates and asset changes

    Whether updating a logo, a message or any asset, finding the asset uses and then individually updating each is time-consuming and frustrating. Keep control of the source asset and update all uses of the asset one time and in the right format.

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