Ransomware and Data Exfiltration

Defend sensitive data from cyber attacks

of enterprises reported an increase in cyberattacks in 2021[1]


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Modern cyber attacks are constantly evolving as threat actors find new ways to gain an advantage. The convergence of ransomware with data exfiltration creates an especially dangerous risk to organizations and government agencies. Threat actors are encrypting data and threatening to release customer data publicly unless their ransom demands are met.

Ransomware and Data Exfiltration solutions help organizations quickly identify, block and recover from ransomware attacks.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Improve visibility and monitoring

    Identify anomalous behaviors, triage threats and take action to remediate when necessary with full visibility into all endpoints.

  • Detect and respond

    Forensically detect and rapidly respond to ever increasing cyberattacks.

  • Integrate threat intelligence

    Validate threats immediately with directly integrated advanced threat intelligence.

  • Mitigate risks

    Uncover hidden risks and threats before they make a financial, legal or reputational impact.

  • Assess cyber risks

    Create a clear plan to defend against ransomware attacks with an in-depth understanding of the organization's security posture and vulnerabilities.

Business impacts

  • Security alerts

    Analysts are inundated with security alerts. Many are false positives that slow response times and distract the team from actual threats. Filter out noise and quickly respond to credible threats across IT vectors.

  • Root cause analysis

    Security teams need to understand the tactics, techniques and procedures used in breaches to prevent repeat attacks. Outdated systems do not offer the visibility to see exactly what happened and when. Get a clear view of cyber attacks.

  • Breach remediation

    When breaches occur, nefarious executables or backdoors need to be removed fast. Many security teams resort to full wipes, resulting in downtime and lost productivity. Quickly remediate malicious files, processes and registry keys.

  • Breach recovery

    Organizations need to be up and running as soon as possible after a breach. Security teams lack a way to easily identify and restore impacted data, slowing the recovery process. Drive fast recoveries with data backups and integrated workflows.

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  1. [1]ISACA, State of Cybersecurity, 2021

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