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Organizations need to create and send compliant, personalized and multi-channel communications to their customers and partners. Those communications can originate from multiple departments, including finance, legal, marketing, customer service, accounting and shipping. With each team working in siloed, disparate systems, organizations struggle to control what goes out. The result is inconsistent messaging, errors, duplicate efforts and frustrated customers.

Outbound Communications from SAP® solutions centralize communication management to ensure compliance, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Easily create compelling, consistent communications to quickly respond to customer needs and build strong, lasting relationships.

  • Engage customers across channels

    Leverage adaptive formatting to design communications that work across all channels, including e-mail, web, text and apps.

  • Empower business users

    Include relevant content in any type of enterprise document to enable business users to design and deliver personalized, one-to-one messages.

  • Enable controlled and compliant editing

    Give customer service agents the ability to open and make authorized changes to customer-facing documents directly within the SAP environment.

Business impacts

  • Communication processes

    Many companies generate a high volume of communications. Manual workflows make the process time-consuming and error-prone, tying up resources better spent on customer engagement. Automate communication processes within the SAP environment.

  • Brand consistency

    Organizations strive to maintain brand consistency. Multiple departments create communications, making it a struggle to control usage of logos, typefaces, trademarks and other brand elements. Centralize communication management.

  • Enterprise-wide collaboration

    Staff across departments, geographies and functions collaborate on customer communications. Siloed tools make it hard to efficiently share, track edits and ensure the right version is used. Ease collaboration with a single, enterprise-wide solution.

  • Personalized communications

    Engaging, relevant communications help organizations attract and retain customers. Without the ability to personalize or target promotional offers, opportunities to cross-sell and upsell are missed. Target messages to customer preferences.

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