Contact Center Agent Experience Management

Improve agent productivity and experience with AI and Agent Experience Management (AXM) tools

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Contact Center Agents are disengaged, and are 84% more likely to look for a new job[1]


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Delivering premium customer service is a powerful competitive differentiator, making contact center productivity crucial to success. To keep customer satisfaction high and identify opportunities for improvement, organizations must measure and optimize agent performance.

Contact Center Agent Experience Management solutions help contact centers increase agent productivity, improve customer interactions and operate more efficiently, empowering agents to deliver the best customer experiences.

Key benefits

Improve contact center agent performance and productivity to increase customer satisfaction, control costs and enhance business revenue.

  • Empower agents

    Provide agents with the tools, resources, work environment, training, and support needed to ensure they can excel and deliver an exceptional customer service experience.

  • Motivate agents to excel

    Automatically evaluate and provide agent feedback with quality assurance reporting and monitoring to greatly improve agent productivity.

  • Improve contact center key metrics

    Track and analyze critical KPI metrics, such as average handle time and first time to resolution, to maximize contact center efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce contact center attrition

    Discover what drives agent dissatisfaction and set strategies to reduce contact center churn.

  • Enhance customer experiences

    Gain insights into customer preferences to adjust service delivery and discover new service or product opportunities.

  • Increase agent productivity

    Drive continuous process optimization to reduce customer engagement efforts, control costs and improve total business revenues.

Business impacts

  • Workforce and customer engagement

    Contact centers must keep staff happy and engaged to maintain service levels. Budget cuts impact staffing levels, straining employees and frustrating customers. Streamline staffing, scheduling and training to increase employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Agent performance management

    Agent scoring helps maintain consistent quality standards. Manual performance evaluation is a tedious, imprecise task. Enable continuous process optimization with real-time agent guidance and desktop automation.

  • Scheduling and forecasting

    Contact centers schedule staff to meet forecasted needs. Outdated tools make it hard to match agent skills and schedule requests with work demands, leading to churn. Optimize scheduling and keep employees happy with modern work tools.

  • Healthy agent competition

    Setting individual or team objectives and goals creates friendly competition that leads to many high achievers. Without real-time KPI metrics, agents cannot track their performance. Display leaderboards to monitor KPIs and motivate agents.

  • Customer insights

    Customers use a wide range of channels to engage with businesses. Fragmented technology makes it impossible to understand each interaction and gain valuable insights. Easily capture and aggregate data and turn it into actionable insights.

  • Increased productivity

    A positive agent experience can boost productivity, reduce handling times, and enable agents to effectively handle more inquiries. Deploy an Agent Experience Management Hub to give agents a single pane access to resources and tools.

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