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Terabytes of new documents, images, videos and other data are filling on-premises databases faster than new hardware can be installed. Traditional data and content archiving solutions help manage the volume and meet legal, compliance, privacy and retention requirements. But, many times, the value of that historical information is locked away in storage along with the documents.

Cloud archiving offers an alternative way to archive data and documents for fast, easy and anywhere access to content while reducing storage and other costs. Archiving for SAP Solutions delivers the agility for compliant archiving and content integration for SAP applications along with comprehensive content access.

Key benefits

Quickly offload legacy data while enabling key digital business processes, content-in-context, ease of access and integration with the leading applications, including SAP solutions, driving business.

  • Maintain information value

    Get secure, long-term storage to archive documents while accessing their value.

  • Improve resource consumption

    Archive the aged data overloading IT systems to minimize database bloat.

  • Increase compliance and reduce legal risks

    Securely retain content for long-term preservation per corporate mandates and legal regulations, such as tax or product liability, and easy access for audits.

  • Protect against disasters

    Ensure content is securely stored and protected against loss in disasters, such as fire or flood, with content replication and built-in disaster recovery.

  • Reduce costs

    Use the same platform for SAP data volume management to reduce the TCO of your SAP database and legacy decommissioning with SAP Information Lifecycle Management.

  • Eliminate paper and manual process inefficiencies

    Digitize paper as it enters the company to reduce paper-based processes and speed workflows and create a digital archive, eliminating storage and administration expenses.

Business impacts

  • Lost value

    Archiving is required to manage growing volumes of data, meet legal regulations, such as tax or product liability, and keep costs down. But when information is out of sight and not readily available, the value it contains can also get stored. Archive content and keep its value.

  • High maintenance costs

    The effort and cost to maintain an on-premises archive is significant. It involves time-intensive manual upgrades with poor SLAs that create downtime for business stakeholders. Archive in the cloud to lower costs and maintain productivity.

  • Time wasted searching for information

    With the increase in data, comes an increase in time searching through documents. Knowledge workers can spend up to one third of their day looking for the information they need to complete their tasks. Reduce clutter with cloud data archiving.

  • Invoice processing

    Paper-based invoice processing slows posting and approval, leading to missed deadlines and discounts. Speed the process by having paper invoices, as well as digital ones, scanned and stored in the archiving system and attached to an SAP workflow.

  • Content without context

    Customer-facing departments need access to relevant, current documentation to maximize productivity. Without effective management, information silos prevent a comprehensive customer view. Get content in context for higher process efficiency.

  • Volume control

    Managing and controlling data volume growth in a cost-effective way is an ongoing challenge. On-premises storage puts pressure on IT infrastructures and adds storage and operational costs. Shift to cloud-based archiving and reduce high storage costs.

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