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OpenText MedNX

Securely distribute lab reports from clinics to providers


See how OpenText MedNX simplifies the compliant transfer of lab results

OpenText™ MedNX is a unified, secure cloud platform that enables the receipt and delivery of clinical laboratory reports across multiple endpoints, regardless of the remote device, printer, application, connectivity or file format.

Why choose OpenText MedNX?

  • Secure and compliant data distribution

    Exchange patient data over highly secure, encrypted channels.

  • Mitigate connection complexity

    Deliver both structured and unstructured data across a variety of endpoint devices and applications.

How MedNX can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using MedNX.

  • Lower costs

    Eliminate outbound and remote telecommunication costs associated with on-premises report-distribution infrastructure.

  • Simplify document distribution

    Enable point-to-point connectivity across multiple distribution formats.

  • Increase scalability and flexibility

    Meet present and future requirements with flexible delivery options that scale to support any file size or volume.

  • Improve security and compliance

    Comply with guidelines, such as CLIA and CAP, while incorporating the highest levels of security to fully protect sensitive data in transit and at rest.

  • Enable audit-ready operations

    Enhance accuracy and responsiveness with comprehensive audit features that ensure reliable delivery, real-time tracking and detailed status feedback.


  • Laboratory system integration

    Integrates with any document-generating application through bi-directional interface or document submission.

  • Access control

    Configures levels of access control and interfaces with the sender’s access management systems to comply with access policies.

  • Document handling

    Converts, renders and delivers files based on endpoint capability validation in formats, including PDF, PCL, PostScript, TIFF, raw ASCII or binary, XML, Base64 encoded files, HL7 (versions 2 and 3), CCD, CDA, CCR and X12.

  • Provider onboarding

    Allows labs to acquire customers and care for patients with no need to change technology, infrastructure or processes.

  • High-quality remote printing

    Delivers detailed, full-color lab test results to remote color printers for improved diagnosis and status accuracy.

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