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OpenText™ Gupta Team Developer (TD) is an agile, low-code software development tool that helps staff build and deploy desktop software projects quickly. It offers developers a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) with well-guided development, powerful debugging, and support for many target build types.

Why choose OpenText Gupta Team Developer?

  • Rapid application development

    Drive fast, reliable software development for small and medium businesses with a platform that powers thousands of vertical business software solutions across the globe.

  • Open development solution

    Connect to any database, interact with other APIs or solutions via REST or web services, and utilize external libraries.

How Gupta Team Developer can benefit business

  • Reduce time to market

    Quickly develop and deploy connected business software solutions for increased value.

  • Connect software solutions

    Create a single solution that integrates with all IT solutions used in an organization.

  • Implement agile software development

    Keep agile project lead time to a minimum with superior productivity and fully supported iterative and incremental software development.

  • Transition to a single solution

    Leverage a single package for all software development needs, including a powerful IDE, team and source code management and business reporting.


  • Cross-platform deployment

    Maximizes code reusability over various deployment platforms, including .NET, Win32, Win64 and web services providers.

  • Easy low-code solution integration

    Connects applications to software solutions, such as SAP®, SalesForce or OpenText APIs, using REST or XML web services.

  • Source control

    Includes direct access to popular source code management solutions, such as SubVersion, Git and Microsoft® Team Foundation Server.

  • Well-designed, data-aware UX controls

    Leverages a powerful report builder for application-based reports, rich data grids, flexible chart and rich text control and more with easy data binding.

  • Embedded database and data insights

    Generates business insight reports and offers an embedded database with the Gupta ecosystem.

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Frequently asked questions

Low-code development is a modern software development approach that significantly reduces the amount of manual coding required to create applications. It differs from traditional development in that it leverages visual interfaces, pre-built components, and a model-driven approach. This allows even non-developers, such as business analysts and citizen developers, to participate in the application development process.

A low-code development platform serves as a unified environment for designing, building, and deploying applications. Key components include a visual designer for creating the application's user interface, connectors for integrating with data sources and APIs, pre-built templates to expedite development, and the option to add custom code when needed. These components make the platform versatile and adaptable to various project requirements.

The adoption of low-code development offers several compelling advantages. It accelerates the software development process, resulting in reduced time-to-market, and it democratizes development by enabling cross-functional teams to collaborate effectively. This approach also fosters agility, allowing businesses to respond rapidly to changing requirements and user feedback, enhancing overall project success.

Gupta Team Developer supports low-code development through its intuitive visual development environment. This environment allows developers to design and create applications using drag-and-drop components, reducing the need for extensive manual coding. It provides a library of pre-built, customizable UI elements and functionalities, making it accessible to developers of varying skill levels.

Gupta Team Developer can lead to cost savings in low-code development projects through its streamlined development process. By reducing the reliance on extensive manual coding, it allows smaller development teams to achieve more in less time, reducing labor costs and minimizing the need for expensive development tools and infrastructure. Its agility in responding to changes and user feedback can also lead to fewer costly project delays and rework, resulting in a more cost-effective overall development cycle.

Gupta Team Developer is well-suited for rapid prototyping and iterative development in low-code projects. Its visual interface allows developers to quickly create prototypes of the application's user interface, facilitating early user feedback and validation. Additionally, the platform's flexibility enables developers to iterate on application features and functionalities in response to user input, making it ideal for agile development practices.

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