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OpenText Extended ECM for AppWorks

Bring content into the context of business applications​ to improve process efficiency


See how to bring content into business processes to improve efficiency

OpenText™ Extended ECM for AppWorks™ extends enterprise content management to all parts of an organization, putting content into the context of business processes for improved insight, efficiency and throughput.

Why choose OpenText Extended ECM for AppWorks?

  • Connected workspaces

    Deliver a complete picture of processes, including information derived via processes outside the lead application.

  • Simple content-rich application development

    Quickly build applications that take advantage of OpenText™ Content Suite functionality.

How Extended ECM for AppWorks can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Extended ECM for AppWorks.

  • Improve process efficiency

    Simplify access to information and enhance content collaboration, improving efficiency in both the lead application and enterprise content management tools.

  • Increase visibility

    Provide a 360-degree view of relevant information from a single interface, presenting content in context without switching between different applications.

  • Eliminate process gaps

    Automatically initiate event actions to eliminate disconnected or manual processes in content-related processes and information flows.

  • Add value to existing investments

    Build content-rich applications with a low-code approach to extend the life of existing enterprise systems.

  • Ensure a single source of truth

    Offer a centralized repository for all business content to ensure all staff are working with the most current and relevant versions.

  • Improve security and compliance

    Synchronize users and roles to consistently control access to information.


  • Intuitive user experience

    Allows users to remain within the business application they are most comfortable with while simultaneously accessing all the information necessary to get their job done.

  • Automated classification and metadata management

    Manages metadata and classifies content automatically in the background to ensure documents are filed consistently in the context of related business objects.

  • Extendable to external users

    Easily extends OpenText™ Connected Workspaces to external users without giving them direct access to internal systems or content repositories.

  • Cloud-native architecture

    Enables faster deployments and reduced upgrade efforts, whether on-premises or on hyperscaler platforms.

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