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Automate high-quality, personalized customer communications


See how to streamline personalized customer communications with Exstream for Salesforce®

OpenText™ Exstream™ for Salesforce® integrates directly into Salesforce environments to generate personalized content for engaging, compelling experiences across all channels. Simplifying the customer communications process, the solution helps users quickly determine the type of document to generate and the most appropriate channel to reach customers or partners.

Why choose OpenText Exstream for Salesforce?

  • A single app available on the Salesforce AppExchange

    Evaluated by Salesforce for security compliance and regularly updated by OpenText.

  • Implement an enterprise-wide strategy

    Generate consistent, brand-positive communications that unify enterprise strategies.

  • Extensive customization and scalability

    Design new business processes in Salesforce or simply integrate existing processes into Exstream.

  • Configurable and fully flexible

    Easily configure processes from basic to advanced use cases, with no coding required.

How Exstream for Salesforce can benefit business

Author, check and deploy informed, personalized communications and review historic correspondence without ever leaving Salesforce.

  • Increase and automate personalization

    Drive greater customer engagement with optimized operational content and processes.

  • Reduce sales and service cycle times

    Access a single repository with approved templates to generate, revise, repurpose and personalize content for new sales and upsell opportunities faster.

  • Ensure brand consistency

    Design consistent experiences that engage customers, nurture rewarding relationships and create brand loyalty at every step of the decision journey.


  • User interface support

    Get dedicated support for Sales, Service and Financial Services Clouds.

  • Automate process builds and flows

    Configure Salesforce tools to generate content automatically based on triggers and events within CRM processes.

  • Enhanced template selection

    Search, browse and filter available templates in the Salesforce interface to choose the most appropriate communication method.

  • Multilingual interface and support

    Support users in their preferred language and time zone.

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