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Provide highly personalized customer experiences on all your digital channels.

OpenText™ Experience for Digital Experience Management (DXM) offers content management, digital asset management, creative workflows, personalization, targeting and customer data technologies in one simple yet powerful platform. Fully composable and scalable to meet varying needs, Experience DXM offers a holistic approach to B2B, B2E and B2C experiences. Innovate with a leader in digital experience—see why OpenText was named a leader by Omdia in 2023-2024.

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Why choose OpenText Experience DXM?

  • Holistic experience approach

    Leverage one platform that goes beyond the web to manage the full customer journey from acquisition to loyalty, across public websites, authenticated portals and communications.

  • Powerful, easy-to-use, composable UX

    Give business users, developers and creative teams access to tools that fit the way they work with a composable UX that offers advanced capabilities and is easy to use.

  • Best-of-breed platform with no compromises

    Select leading technologies and best-of-breed applications for digital media management, AI, analytics and insights and workflows and integrations.

  • Cloud and off-cloud capabilities

    Leverage flexible deployment options to run on public clouds, such as Google, AWS or Azure, or manage internally using Kubernetes containers or onsite infrastructure.

How Experience DXM can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Experience DXM.

  • Remove digital transformation barriers

    Break down technology and business silos to modernize and augment tech stacks through a composable digital experience platform.

  • Deliver omnichannel reach and consistency

    Manage and align content, data and applications to deliver personalized experiences and maintain brand consistency across all channels, devices and customer journeys.

  • Achieve breakthrough engagement

    Use integrated digital asset management, creative workflows and end-user applications to deliver rich media and interactive experiences that drive customer engagement.

  • Leverage AI and machine learning

    Use artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated workflows to create and publish personalized, visually rich content without IT dependence.

  • Get reliable, proven performance

    Trust a scalable platform that powers global experiences running in high-availability environments and large rich-media content used by extended creative teams.

  • Enhance personalization

    Access and use customer data to create targeted experiments, personalized experiences and activity tracking.


  • Content management centerpiece

    Offers industry-leading content management at the heart of DXM, which can be easily extended to various Experience Cloud capabilities using the modern architecture and powerful yet easy-to-use tools of OpenText™ TeamSite™.

  • Embedded digital asset management

    Brings experiences to life with integrated images, videos, audio and animations using OpenText™ Media Management to seamlessly search, organize, store and manage rich media work.

  • Targeting, personalization and orchestration

    Delivers relevant, personalized experiences and uses experimentation, such as multi-variant testing, with a common data layer through OpenText™ Experience Content Data Platform (CDP) and orchestrates journeys with OpenText™ Core Experience Insights.

  • High-performance, hybrid headless delivery

    Scales with a high-performance architecture to manage the various options for high-availability security, and supports dynamic and headless content through runtime APIs, authentication and applications, such as single page applications (SPA).

  • Intelligence and insights

    Applies embedded AI and machine learning for intelligent content, uses OpenText™ Core Experience Insights for event tracking and dashboards, tracks performance with integrated Google Analytics and performs behavioral analysis.

  • Extendible platform and integrations

    Offers platform services, workflows and integrations with market-leading solutions, including Google Cloud, Microsoft applications, translation services, OpenText™ Exstream™ and OpenText™ Content Services Platforms.

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