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OpenText Enhanced Deployments for Extended ECM by Global Cents

Automate Extended ECM deployments


Enhanced Deployments offers migration/application deployment for Extended ECM

OpenText™ Enhanced Deployments for Extended ECM Platform by Global Cents™ reduces the cost, time and errors associated with promoting and migrating Extended ECM assets. The product simplifies moving information and module settings between environments or different versions.

Why choose Enhanced Deployments for Extended ECM Platform by Global Cents?

  • Comprehensive asset transfer

    Move all Extended ECM content from one environment to another, including third-party objects and all 239 Extended ECM object types.

  • Module setting replication

    Duplicate configuration settings between environments for Engineering Docs, Extended ECM for SAP, Records Management, GCI Modules and more.

  • Full independence

    Copy information between different versions or databases with compatibility for every version from 9.7.1 to the current release and all supported databases.

How Enhanced Deployments for Extended ECM Platform can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Enhanced Deployments for Extended ECM Platform.

  • Accelerate application changes

    Reduce production turnaround time by up to 20x by completing application changes within an hour.

  • Improve application deployments

    Eliminate human errors and enhance the quality of the change-management process.

  • Easily manage content

    Convert a 100-page installation script into a 10-page, screenshot-filled document using drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

    Automate processes, eliminate troubleshooting and save time spent documenting change processes to lower total costs.


  • Referential integrity

    Ensures links continue to work and objects retain their connections with intelligent relinking that enables transported applications to run on target systems without developer intervention.

  • Simple, web-based UI

    Allows users to select items for deployment with easy drag-and-drop functionality that does not require coding.

  • Advanced export features

    Leverages SQL as selection criteria to export critical information.

  • Export reusability

    Prepares export packages so they can be used in different environments, such as development, testing and production.

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