OpenText Documentum D2

Simplify access to content and streamline information management


Learn about OpenText Documentum D2, the customizable UI for Documentum

OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 is a flexible, intuitive UI to access and interact with content stored in the OpenText™ Documentum™ platform. Responsive for all devices, Documentum D2 lets users personalize their view of information and tasks to see exactly what they need to get their job done.

Why choose OpenText Documentum D2?

  • Powerful configuration framework

    Quickly and easily create purpose-built content management solutions without costly customizations.

  • Personalized UI

    Drive user adoption and minimize the need for training with an intuitive, modern and personalized user experience for all browsers and devices.

  • Advanced document management

    Simplify creating, publishing and updating complex, compound documents, such as manuals or textbooks, while maintaining security and control over individual pages or sections.

How Documentum D2 can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Documentum D2.

  • Securely access content anywhere

    Let users easily access and securely interact with content stored in Documentum from their device of choice.

  • Reduce costs

    Quickly configure and deploy highly intuitive user interfaces and rapidly adapt to changing business requirements, driving productivity and reducing training costs.

  • Enhance collaboration

    Foster fast online collaboration with threaded discussions, collaborative authoring of large deliverables and document annotation merging.

  • Support paperless document processes

    Move to a completely digital environment for holistic document management with electronic signature support from OpenText™ Core Signature.

  • Reduce risk

    Define common policies for consistency with corporate standards and regulatory requirements while allowing business units to manage their own discrete configurations.

  • Simplify deployments and upgrades

    Quickly roll out new features to any device using cloud-native technologies that simplify deployments and updates.


  • Simplified content management

    Automates document governance in highly regulated industries with streamlined content management requirements, highlighting key review and approval workflows to easily find content through saved search forms.

  • Mobility

    Provides mobile access and content management for field workers, including the ability to view, update, scan QR Codes and manage document lifecycles.

  • Familiar interface

    Uses a familiar spreadsheet-like interface and instantly deploys highly configured rules and content policies.

  • Flexible, widget-based configuration

    Enables user roles to be configured to highlight the most important aspects, such as time-sensitive tasks and critical content.

  • Simplified view

    Enables complex changes to multiple properties across hundreds of documents simultaneously.

  • Workflow reporting

    Provides a holistic view of all workflows, regardless of status, and makes it easier to view tasks, identify bottlenecks, improve efficiency and manage approvals and rejections.

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