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Simple and affordable, cloud based, document and workflow automation


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Document Centric Workflow combines powerful, intuitive and scalable document management with state-of-the-art business process automation that enables organizations of any size to rapidly enter, store, share and protect critical business documents, regardless of the application used to create them. It supports the entire spectrum for unstructured content and data management, including scanned pages, faxes, files and multimedia objects.

Why choose OpenText Document Centric Workflow?

  • Comprehensive cloud-based document and process management

    Leverage a powerful, easy to use solution that requires no hardware, no upfront licensing and can be deployed in days, not months.

  • Combined document management and automated workflows

    Improve efficiency and reduce costs by optimizing and automating any document-centric process.

How Document Centric Workflow can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Document Centric Workflow.

  • Rapid deployment and immediate value

    Streamline processes and gain immediate benefits with no programming required.

  • Adaptable and customizable

    Define custom workflows that allow users to stay productive in the applications they are accustomed to and adhere to company defined processes.

  • Maximize ROI

    Address problem areas with minimum budget, with a focus on processes that require immediate attention, to achieve large improvements.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

    Leverage security features to meet government compliance while ensuring instant access from any location to the information users need.


  • Browser based user experience

    Enables rapid user adoption through simple, powerful interface and common copy/paste/move functionality.

  • Easy-to-use administration interface

    Allows rapid application deployment to manage unstructured and structured content and data, with simple and intuitive features robust enough to meet enterprise objectives.

  • Full records management functionality

    Secures documents throughout their lifecycle, tracks use and manages alterations with a built-in version control function.

  • Ensure data confidentiality and integrity

    Offers document access managed at the application, template, field, document and index level.

  • Document enabled applications

    Allows the document management feature set to be easily integrated into business and workflow applications using powerful .NET, web services and Restful APIs.

  • Comply with industry, state or federal regulatory standards

    Uses built-in security, records management and user/document auditing to ensure compliance to government and industrial regulations.

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