OpenText Core Capture for Salesforce

Capture documents and extract critical data to accelerate and enrich Salesforce processes

of sales reps’ time each week is spent on non-selling tasks, with 8.8% of that time spent manually entering customer and sales information.[1]


See how to automate document and data capture to boost Salesforce processes

OpenText™ Core Capture for Salesforce® automates document capture, recognition, classification and information processing to improve digital workflows and enhance sales and service processes. Leverage an intelligent, fully integrated solution that populates and maps relevant document data inside Salesforce to accelerate operations, drive productivity and deliver superior customer experiences.

At a pivotal moment for the Information Management industry, integrated content management and process automation are critical to success. Learn why.

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Why choose Core Capture for Salesforce?

  • Seamless integration to Salesforce

    Use intelligent document processing to capture and route information and fundamentally change how inbound content can be leveraged with Salesforce.

  • Business process automation

    Leverage integration with Salesforce Flow to transform any workload with ingested data and automate complex business processes.

  • Intelligent document recognition

    Automatically classify all types of documents and extract data with machine learning capabilities that improve accuracy and accelerate transactional business processing.

  • Real-time insights

    Enhance customer experiences by empowering sales and service teams to make insight-driven decisions with real-time information access.

How Core Capture for Salesforce can benefit businesses

Discover the advantages of using Core Capture for Salesforce.

  • Increase sales and service productivity

    Intelligently identify all document types and streamline sorting and processing to enable sales and service users to increase productivity and focus on higher-value work.

  • Reduce time and errors

    Leverage automated document identification and information extraction to speed up document processing and other manual tasks.

  • Streamline repetitive processes

    Automate repetitive tasks, such as extracting and injecting relevant metadata directly into Salesforce, to improve sales and service operations.

  • Control content sprawl

    Manage all digital customer content flowing into the organization to simplify processing and maximize information workstreams.


  • Digital document capture and upload

    Digitizes, uploads, categorizes and processes information sources and automates document handling to improve productivity and reduce costly errors.

  • Document classification

    Intelligently identifies document types, such as applications, proof of ID, payslips and financial docs, and categorizes and routes them to the appropriate people, places and processes.

  • Data extraction and validation

    Automatically extracts and injects contextual information into Salesforce data fields and executes consistency checks within documents to reduce inaccuracies.

  • Salesforce process integration

    Accelerates sales and service operations with a seamlessly integrated solution that captures and processes customer documents and extracts critical data to fast-track and enrich Salesforce.

  • Multi-tenant SaaS delivery

    Leverages public cloud delivery to provide on-demand scaling, instant access to emerging technology, reduced operational costs, optimized Salesforce processes and 24/7 information protection and availability.

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